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Singapore Textbooks And Workbooks For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

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1New Syllabus Primary Mathematics For 3rd Grade / Primary 3 Package

Your child will develop lifelong learning skills, social skills such as effective communication, cooperation and team spirit, and IT skills through participation in these hands-on and IT activities.

"We received our order of books today. They arrived in perfect shape and both our children have begun devouring them. The books look to have excellent content on our initial review. We are all excited to have these resources to work through this summer! S D"

2I-Science For 3rd Grade And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And Primary 4 Package

These Singapore Science workbooks contain lots of interesting activities and experiments that your child can do on his own or with his friends. Your child will acquire useful scientific knowledge and skills that he can use in more complex processes.

"My son was pestering me the entire weekend to start his science early! From what I have seen these books are FANTASTIC! They look simplistic with lots of illustrations but teach important scientific concepts almost without you noticing. The activities look fun and I have not seen any that require hard to get items yet. Mrs. Sciarretta"

3Maths Olympiad (Beginner) For 3rd And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And 4

"I use these books every single day! Also, I keep an eye on your new products. All of them are amazing! I. G."

4Challenging Mathematics For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

The questions in this Singapore Mathematics workbook are designed to develop and enhance your child's problem-solving skills, stimulate their creative thinking, and build up their interest in Mathematics.

"The products are extensive and the service is good. The products arrived quickly. S. V. B."

5Step-By-Step Math For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

All the exercises and questions in this Singapore Math workbook are graded from the most elementary level to the most challenging level.

"The order was processed fast and with great service. Book came quickly an well packaged. Interesting books, some are outstanding. Thank you. Mr O. L."

Rave customer testimonials

1Gifted Education Programme And Maths Olympiad Questions Book 1 For 3rd And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And 4
2Perfect Match Music For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

This Singapore Music textbook imparts fundamental musical concepts (sounds, notes, beats, rhythm, etc.) to your child progressively through its various songs and activities.

3Process Skills In Science For 3rd Grade And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And Primary 4

This Singapore Science workbook provides a wide variety of science questions that will help your child develop the following thinking skills: observing, comparing, classifying, communicating, analysing and generating.

4Science Challenging Questions For 3rd Grade And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And Primary 4

Each unit in this Singapore Science workbook contains the types of questions that your child can expect in Singapore's school tests and examinations, including multiple-choice questions and free-response / open-ended questions.

5Creative Writing Guide For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

Is your child having difficulty writing compositions? Is he getting not-so-good marks or grades for his compositions? Or is he striving hard to break through his usual marks or grades for his compositions but without success? Then he will need this Singapore English workbook on creative writing.

"Huge great postage bag of stuff in record time before my school term ended. Service and efficiency is very much appreciated. Darryll M."

Top customer-rated

1Science Process Skills For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

This Singapore Science workbook is highly recommended for your child if you want to assess his progress in the learning and mastery of the scientific concepts, knowledge and skills.

"my kids were so excited to start their new books, they got into it as soon as we opened the box! S. Wright"

2Maths Exam Companion For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

This Singapore Maths book contains a wide variety of maths questions ranging from conceptual maths questions to challenging maths questions.

3Challenging Maths For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

This Singapore Maths workbook comes with not just the answer key, but the solutions too! That way, your child can turn to you for your expert advice when he cannot solve the questions!

"As always, the learning materials and contents are of high standard. And not to mention the superb packaging. Will certainly make purchases again to supplement our sons' education. Thank you. N. Du"

4English Vocabulary, Grammar And Comprehension Cloze For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

This Singapore English workbook contains lots of vocabulary, grammar and comprehension cloze passage exercises, which will help your child improve his vocabulary, cloze passage skills and writing skills.

"We recieved our items this morning, my son was so excited he asked if he could christmas wrap his books and put them under the tree I said sure why not after all it feels like an xmas present arriving just in time! Thanks SGB :))) Patricia"

5English Vocabulary For Creative Writing For 3rd Grade / Primary 3

The model compositions will help your child master the art of composition writing, while the vocabulary enrichment exercises will help them increase their vocabulary power.

"My son is an elementary school student here in Maryland, USA. We order Math and English study material from every year according to his grade. We like these books every much. They are excellent supplements to the his school education. Harris Zeng HARRIS H ZENG"

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