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Rave Customer Testimonials In Singapore Textbooks

1SGBox English Curriculum For Seventh Grade / Grade 7 / Secondary 1

This is a comprehensive curriculum that will give your child a solid foundation in the English language, build up their confidence and give them a head start on their peers.

"The customer sevice rendered by SGBox is incredible! I ran into a slight techinical difficulty with my order, but SGBox resolved it very quickly. I am most impressed by the way you packed your books for delivery! The box was a a little squashed, but the books remain intact. Delivery was super fast! Your textbooks are amazing! We'll be using these incredible books as tuition materials for Malaysian students. Thanks you so much, SGBox! Will definitely buy from you again!"

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2Math Tutor For Seventh Grade / Grade 7 / Secondary 1

These Singapore Math workbooks will appeal to you and your child by their comprehensive coverage of the math curriculum in terms of scope and depth, as well as their sheer thickness!

"Thank you so much for the very quick delivery - I wasn't expecting it for at least another week! As a mathematician and mathematics teacher who longs for the "good old days" in which pupils were given a thorough grounding in the basics underlying the subject (Algebra and Geometry), your books are a revelation! It is no small wonder that Singapore students maintain their enviable success rate in mathematics at Primary and Senior levels when your curriculum is based around such wonderful books. They are packed full of searching and thought provoking examples and investigations that do not shy away from giving pupils challenging mathematics to deal with. For this the authors are to be fully commended. It's comforting to know that some Departments of Education are willing to entertain the (remote) possibility of some partial failures in a system having high-expectations for the greater good of the discipline, its teachers and of our future mathematicians. The alternative is so often to opt for inflated grades, shallow and lack-lustre syllabi, implemented all too often solely for political favour rather than the benefit of our pupils and their development. Dr Dabbs (UK)."

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3SGBox Singapore Math Curriculum For Fourth Grade / Grade 4 / Primary 4

This is a comprehensive curriculum that will give your child a solid foundation in mathematics, build up their confidence and give them a head start on their peers.

"Dear SGBox The books arrived last Friday. The parcel arrived in perfect condition and we are very satisfied with the contents. My daughter has started work in the maths books and finds that they are very well laid out with clear examples and instruction. We have had a quick look through the science books and they promise to be as good as the maths! So far we find that these are excellent products and look forward to ordering from you in the future. Best wishes Sandie McDonnell"

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4Science Process Skills For Sixth Grade / Grade 6 / Primary 6

Each unit in this Singapore Science workbook includes concise and clear notes, and diagnostic tests to access your child's process skills in science.

"I am a teacher and I recommend your math and science material to all of my parents because I desire my students to be advance in their studies."

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5Chinese Language / Higher Chinese Language For Second Grade / Grade 2 / Primary 2 Character Cards Package

These Singapore Chinese character cards will help your child (and even you) to identify, recognise and memorise the Chinese characters introduced in the accompanying textbooks.

"The most suitable material for our children who are native English speakers learning Chinese as a second language in Mainland China."

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6SGBox Singapore Math Curriculum For Sixth Grade / Grade 6 / Primary 6

This is a comprehensive curriculum that will give your child a solid foundation in mathematics, build up their confidence and give them a head start on their peers.

"While I have used the Singapore Primary Math books for over 10 years (pre-2001 syllabus), I had not realized that there were more contemporary textbooks available for US based customers. As a homeschool parent, these new texts have far exceeded my expectations and are a significant improvement on the Primary Mathematics texts currently available from US based retailers. The graphics are much more engaging and the supporting materials are very thorough and provide a significant amount of extra practice. I will say, making the transition from 5B old text to 6A new text, the 6A (except for algebra) will predominantly be review (3 of the six chapters) of 5B with some additional challenging problems and twists. That said, for the student having previously worked with Singapore Math, the transition in texts should be a confidence booster because the problems build in complexity at a nice pace. I also can not emphasize enough how pleased I am with the supplementary texts, which include answer keys. The explanations are clear and the additional practice problems are excellent for building skill, speed, accuracy, and fundamental understanding. I would highly recommend these products - not just the textbooks and workbooks but also the additional guides."

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7Effective Guide To O Level Chemistry

"I can summarize that you offer good/ quality customer services. Products well detailed, practical payment procedures, good customer care and timely delivery of goods."

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8New Syllabus Primary Mathematics For First Grade / Grade 1 / Primary 1 (2nd Edition) Package

These Singapore Mathematics textbooks and workbooks uses the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to get your child involved in the learning of mathematics.

"Hi SGBox, Received the above items with lots of thanks. I am really impressed with your friendly and speedy service. I appreciate your concern on security of the customer. Packing was excellent! The text books are attractive and very good quality. I am very pleased to get to know SGBox, where we can have quality and useful text books at our door step, promptly. Once again, thanks very much for your excellent service. Cheers! db"

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9Art For Fifth Grade / Grade 5 / Primary 5

Your child will be exposed to a wide variety of art media, including collage, construction, digital drawing, drawing, modelling, painting, printmaking, sculpture and textile.

"Receiving my orders from SGBox was like Christmas in May. I was very happy with the condition of the books which arrived and will be spending the next week studying the materials. "

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10Maths Abacus / SorobanMaths Abacus / Soroban

This calculating tool has easy-to-manipulate counters and a metal knob for easy reset. Use it to help your child learn mathematics concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

"I was very surprised at the quality - these are much nicer than the cheap Chinese abacus my classes were using, and the Soroban style is less confusing as it does not have the extra beads to contend with. The "zero-out" feature and 3-bead color alternation makes it easier to introduce. The quality details in the wood construction and the "feet" for the unit on the back were appreciated. Thanks so much! Julie Brennan"

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