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Singapore Textbooks And Workbooks For 5th Grade / Primary 5

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1New Syllabus Primary Mathematics For 5th Grade / Primary 5 Package

These Singapore Maths textbooks and workbooks contain vivid and stimulating illustrations to instill fun and excitement into your child's learning of maths.

"Easy to follow. Excellent explanations. Much better than the US version of this curriculum. A. L. Barnett"

2Creative Writing Guide For 5th Grade / Primary 5

Using a thematic approach, this Singapore English workbook will teach your child how to construct proper sentences, organize his paragraphs and expand his vocabulary so as to improve his writing skills.

"The site is well organised and makes ordering process smooth. Himanshu"

3Marshall Cavendish English For 5th Grade / Primary 5 Package

These Singapore English textbooks and workbooks contain plenty of interesting activities that your child can do on his own or with his friends. Your child will be given lots of opportunities to use English to talk, read and write through such activities.

4Maths Olympiad (Advanced) For 5th And 6th Grade / Primary 5 And 6

"I use these books every single day! Also, I keep an eye on your new products. All of them are amazing! I. G."

5Higher Chinese Language For 5th Grade / Primary 5 Core Package

The lively and colourful pictures in these Singapore Chinese textbooks and workbooks help to instill fun and excitement into the learning of the Chinese language.

"The conditions are very good. And I will order English workbooks soon. M. O."

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Rave customer testimonials

1Challenging Maths For 5th Grade / Primary 5

This Singapore Maths workbook contains many topical test papers in maths, each of which includes challenging multiple-choice questions, short-answer questions and word problems.

"i am happy to get your books. They are well organized, powerful and useful. I cannot compare them with different companies. is the best. Irina G."

2Maths Problem Sums For 5th Grade / Primary 5

This Singapore Maths book is arranged topic by topic, and each topic contains many examples and their worked solutions.

"I have been buying Math/English workbooks at for a few years and I love to use them! The high quality exercises in the books keep my son on the top of his peers academically. HARRIS ZENG"

3Maths Workbook For 5th Grade / Primary 5

This book will help you assess your child's ability to solve very challenging questions that require critical and creative thinking skills.

4Perfect Match Music For 5th Grade / Primary 5

The music and songs in this Singapore Music textbook are selected from the best of east and west, thereby exposes your child at a young age to the richness of various cultures.

"Receiving my orders from SGBox was like Christmas in May. I was very happy with the condition of the books which arrived and will be spending the next week studying the materials. L.P. Mercado"

5Step-By-Step Math For 5th Grade / Primary 5

This Singapore Math workbook is an invaluable tool for every child who wishes to master math.

"We love the Singapore Maths programme we purchased through SG Box. It can be daunting to order items from the other side of the world and shipped to the UK but we've done several times with SG Box over the years and have been always extremely satisfied with their communication, speed of delivery and condition in which they arrive. Highly recommended! L. Ball"

Top customer-rated

1Science Questions And Answers (Interactions, Energy) For 6th Grade / Primary 6

Each chapter in this book is so full of interesting scientific facts and details, it will build up your child's interest in science and stimulate their curiosity.

"good books, good service Wu"

2Science Process Skills For 5th Grade / Primary 5

This Singapore Science workbook is highly recommended for your child if you want to assess his progress in the learning and mastery of the scientific concepts, knowledge and skills covered in the Primary Science syllabus for 5th Grade / Primary 5.

"The shipment is very speedy and the packing condition is very nice!! J. K."

3English Oral And Model Compositions For 6th Grade / Primary 6

This Singapore English book is an excellent tool for you to prepare and equip your child for their oral and composition examinations.

4Science Process Skills For 6th Grade / Primary 6

Each unit in this Singapore Science workbook includes concise and clear notes, and diagnostic tests to access your child's process skills in science.

"I am a teacher and I recommend your math and science material to all of my parents because I desire my students to be advance in their studies. Sis. Teesha T. Muhammad"

5Primary English Handbook For 5th Grade / Primary 5

Each chapter in this Singapore English workbook includes easy-to-understand explanations and examples, interesting activities and puzzles, and challenging test exercises.

"Products are perfect for my daughter because they provide the right level of textbook work and exercises. She is able to go through the work alone for the most part with help from me as needed! R. B."

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