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SGBox English Curriculum For First Grade / Grade 1 / Primary 1

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SGBox English Curriculum For First Grade / Grade 1 / Primary 1


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Product details

Product benefits

  • Aims of SGBox® English Curriculum
    SGBox® English Curriculum
    is a rigorous English language curriculum that is designed to enable your child to:
    1. listen to, read and view with understanding, accuracy and critical appreciation, a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts from print, non-print and electronic sources
    2. speak, write and make presentations in internationally acceptable English that is grammatical, fluent and appropriate for purpose, audience, context and culture. At higher levels of proficiency, pupils will speak and write for academic purposes and creative expression, using language that is inventive and imaginative.
    3. think through, interpret and evaluate fiction and non-fiction texts from print and electronic sources to analyse how language is used to evoke responses and construct meaning; how information is presented; and how different modes of presentation create impact
    4. interact effectively with people from their own or different cultures

  • Framework of SGBox® English Curriculum
    SGBox® English Curriculum emphasizes ten inter-related components:
    1. Learner centredness
      The learner is at the centre of the learning process. Teaching approaches, lessons and curriculum materials are differentiated according to learners’ needs and abilities.
    2. Process orientation
      Language skills are process skills. Teaching and modelling the processes of reading, writing and oral communication are as important as testing the acquisition of these skills.
    3. Integration
      The integration of reading, writing and oral communication as well as the integration of language materials and areas of language use in a lesson or context contribute to meaningful learning.
    4. Contextualisation
      Language skills, grammatical items and structures are taught and learnt in the context of language use. Contextualisation demonstrates how purpose, audience, context and culture determine the register or appropriateness of speech and writing in both formal and informal situations.
    5. Spiral progression
      Language skills, grammatical items and structures, text types and other language components are taught and revised at increasing levels of difficulty and sophistication.
    6. Interaction
      Learners’ participation and interaction are important in language learning, and in fostering self confidence and social relationships among pupils from different cultural backgrounds and religions.
    7. Language use
      Pupils need to know how to communicate fluently, appropriately and effectively in internationally acceptable English. They need to understand how the language system works and how language conventions can vary according to purpose, audience, context and culture, and apply this knowledge in speech and writing in both formal and informal situations. Language learning and teaching are organised around three major areas of language use:
      1. Language for information
        As speaker, writer, reader, listener and viewer, the learner will access, retrieve, evaluate, apply and present information derived from print, non-print and electronic sources.
      2. Language for literary response and expression
        As speaker, writer, reader, listener and viewer, the learner will respond creatively and critically to literary texts, relate them to personal experience, culture and society, and use language creatively to express self and identity.
      3. Language for social interaction
        As speaker, writer, reader, listener and viewer, the learner will use English effectively, both in its spoken and written form, to establish and maintain positive interpersonal relationships, taking into account purpose, audience, context and culture.
    8. Learning outcomes
      The learning outcomes are the expected attainment targets for pupils at the end of each two-year period. This two-year period for the attainment of each set of learning outcomes will give teachers time and flexibility to cater to the different learning needs and abilities of their pupils.
    9. Text types
      The choice of text types is determined by purpose, audience, context and culture. The variety of text types from print, non-print and electronic sources that pupils listen to, read and view will ensure that they learn English from many models of language use. This will help them to speak and write effectively.
    10. Grammar
      Knowledge of grammar and how it functions contributes to effective language use. The study of grammatical features and lexis is closely related to the study of text types. Grammar and lexis contribute to the meaning of a text.

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  • Dear sir/madam Have received the books today. Thank you and we will be back in touch soon for more books. Your service is very good and I cannot give you enough praise as to how you run your business. Very professional and it's a pleasure to deal with you. Also you may want to know that the books you supplied have been received with great delight in Vietnam. They are so well written and presented. Thank you once again for your help. Regards Bill Wallace

  • Wonderful experience.Safe transaction and GREAT BOOKS.PLS GET THEM FOR YOUR KIDS YOU WON'T REGRET IT. R. Beharie

  • Speedy and professional service. Books arrived in excellent condition. Will not hesitate to order again. Materials are also excellent. I've spent a lot of time looking for suitable English texts for my child and I'm so happy that I've found the best here. Miyashita J.

  • The package arrived ahead of its estimated delivery date. I can tell that the books were packaged with detailed attention and care. Overall shopping experience has been very satisfying and I will recommend this site to friends. Chan

  • Receiving my orders from SGBox was like Christmas in May. I was very happy with the condition of the books which arrived and will be spending the next week studying the materials. L.P. Mercado

  • I had a great experience shopping with SBOX. Customer service was good. My books were neatly packaged and cushioned to prevent bending. The package came in a waterproof bag which is very considerate and extremely good. S. N.

  • I admire the efficiency with enquiries, I received quick response ever time I asked a question. I also had an immediate refund for an unavailable book, which was great. SGBox has Excellent resources, I should have purchased more! I ordered full packages in English & Maths for Kindegarten to Year 6. K. Tran

  • Customer service was very prompt in their follow up. The books arrived one week earlier than i expected. Packaging was solid and the book arrived in a good condition. Books were extremely useful! will definitely purchase from SGBOX again! InJoong K.

  • Hi SGBox, Thank you for your kind patience and assistance in processing my orders. Your service has been extremely professional and pleasant. I look forward to making future purchases from you. M. T.

  • Fast delivery with well protection of package. Will definitely buy again KENT

  • Received products on time in perfect condition. M. R. Punt

  • Will do!!! Thank you for the note and quick shipping. We love your books and we're looking forward to getting them! Peace, Jayne

  • Received quickly and in good order. Will have no problem ordering again. K. E.

  • Hello SGBox, I have received my order today (March 3, 08) and thanks once again for the neat and tidy package. It has been a pleasure doing business with your lovely site and wish you the best. Thank you and have a great day. Eric

  • Delivered what was promised. i cant ask for more than that. D. D. S.

  • the math has been the best material so far. N. K.

  • Thanks. I have received the delivery in good condition. best regards john

  • Everything was packaged neatly, and in brand new condition A. Motala

  • Very satisfied Karen H.

  • Very help materials R. L.

  • Arrived quickly Tracy Louis

  • happy with your service Prayogo

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