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Our Customers' Testimonials

    Excellent and very trustworthy site. A. Gomes

    Your service is excellent. Thanks C. Fang

    I owuld like to thank all those involved in the prompt and efficient handling of my order G. M. Sawyer

    excellent N. D.

    The package is here !! All well !! thank you, F. T.

    effective and non smelling pain patches B. G.

    Very happy Kuek Wee Chuang

    Good service C. T. C.

    all in excellent shape Miriam L.

    Thanks! SG Books have helped us immensely each year! S. P.


    Shopping is easy . Opening account was easy and makes shopping even easier...I will be back Thank you SGBox Maree A.

    good product T. W. H.

    Will order here again!!! Laura Taylor

    Fast delivery. Very pleased. WONG

    It comes on time as estimated date Midori

    arrived on 27/06/2009 5days before estimated arrival time JOHN STUART GRAVES

    i love the product Froydis

    very good D. E. Godfrey

    Yes. Because, it is the best... Daniel Bakhiet

    love all the little things received with my order. kids will love them Lyn T.

    The polythene make the books fresh. The box was a perfect size. K. G.

    All inquiries responded to K. G.

    fast service, good communication Robert D.

    Very secure and strong R.N.

    The communication was precise and quick. S. T.

    Great products and service. J.

    Good service. Asrulefendi Ibrahim

    Dear SGBox, I have received your email pertaining to the shipping of my order. I have found the service most laudable. C. W.

    Efficient. JAYA

    1st time and perfect. I. T. A. M.

    Absolutely! As a matter of fact, I plan to reorder the same item soon. Caroline

    I received my order Wednesday August 9th and I am very pleased. Monique

    I love this product and it is very hard to find. J. S.

    Well, the fast delivery really gave me a big surprise, coz we, M'sians are get used to slow response. PLE

    Great service A. Billingslea

    The box was intact. Perfect!!!!!!!!!! K. G.

    As always, your books arrived safely and in great condition! I am a little sad that one of the books (Comprehension) is no more available. I do hope it will be printed again soon. Keep up the excellent work! Cecilia Chai

    Very good product. Very satisfied C. S.

    fantastic pain relief for any symptom Susan

    The product is excellent for my child. S. Yiu

    Excellent product. Thanks A. M. L.

    packaged really well D. P.

    on time Donald N.

    Items arrived quickly and in great condition. J. R.

    very good textbooks R. R.

    Thank you i recieved my order yesterday evening and i am pleased with the book A. M.

    I feel it contributes to my overall health. F J DE SALAS MAZARRASA

    All books are in good shape. D. K.

    will order grade 5,6 and 7 soon R. C.

    The parcel was so well packed . Pleased to see that ! Nidhi S.

    Ordering on sgbox is a smooth experience. Works well. S. M.

    Clear instructions. Good follow up. Good customer service. Sharon Davis

    completley sealed and nil damage to package. Matt Hernandez

    Look forward to using the books, thank you. Paula W.

    it works A. T.

    prompt service B. M.

    perfectly packed R. R.

    ordered online...easy transaction MRS P. P.

    Definitely will come back. Absolutely reliable people Mr. Edvaldo Siqueira

    if you have trouble in aches and pains on your body i would recommend this product as it does help R. S.

    I very much enjoyed the bookmark, doorknob-sign, and stickers included with my order! A little bit of kindness goes a long way G. S.

    I use it for years. M. W.

    Bubble pack and Polystyrene pieces procted tins well M. J. A. N.

    I am happy to receive my order in a good condition. C. C. Y. G.

    very safe to use with cc A. B.

    Very good store, reliable, fast shipping, thanks. Budi S.

    Jag är mycket nöjd med SGBox när det gäller min beställning av Kaminomoto. L. Berg

    Very good product L. DENIS

    Everything perfect!! Gianfranco

    Arrived 5 day sooner than advised C. M.

    We received our order much sooner than expected and in good condition. Books are nice in quality. M. A. C. K. P.

    Prompt with filling orders Polite customer service and delivery of goods very fast. It is a delight in shopping with SGBox Maree A.

    It is really pleasant to smell and it gently relieves the pain. I suffer from nerve pain in my chest (from a chest operation 12 months ago). It is difficult to relieve the pain but White Flower works!! Maree A.

    nil damge to package. Matt Hernandez

    very high standard and well written Hangwi

    I trust the company and once i order the product I know I will get just what I am after. You are reliable! E. J.

    Your services are reliable and the products your are selling are very good. S. D.

    The answers to my questions were quite fats replied. S. D.

    well packaged and very secure E. J.

    This product has effect effective against the problem of the body which I have. TAKASHI T.

    SGBox is delivery of a quick overseas. And the price of the Web site of SGBox is also cheap, I can feel it regards convenient. TAKASHI T.

    Very prompt and polite and service is exceptional Maree A.

    It performs well and gives relief from pain Maree A.

    All indications are that the kids are going to love it. (age 6) They've taken a look at the materials, and are keen to start! I. Birkholz

    I have given my friends this product to try and all have had the same response as I have This product works Maree A.

    Thank You SGbox. You guys are awesome. You help me help my little boy in his studies. You provide a great service. A. L.

    I think that packing is in a good state. TAKASHI T.

    one week or 7 days. F. Raanes

    I have long been looking for a liquid which had menthol, eucalyptus oil and lavender oil all in one. T. H.

    Cures sinus M. V. B.

    I have already as your products are genuine and the customer feedback reviews were very helpful when choosing products. I can not buy these products here where I live Maree A.

    Articles well protected Maree A.

    It has a beautiful soothing lavender smell. It is easy to aply and only a few drops are required. It works gently and takes away the pain immediately. Maree A.

    I am very happy with your service Maree A.

    The product I first tried in Singapore and I find it fantastic. SGBox is one of the few sellers that i can get a guaranteed reliable service and supply of Tiger Balm Joint Cream. E. J.

    Very well packaged Justin

    This store has an amazing array of herbs and products at a very reasonable price and your order gets to you quickly, even if you happen to live far in the countryside. R. G.

    a repeat customer N. Mocek

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