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Our Customers' Testimonials

    It was a good service H. K.

    Hello, I have recieved my order of Kamino Moto. Thank you very much. Your service was excellent. M. M.

    Was recommended from a friend. Great product. M. S.

    I like the curriculum Rebekah

    Everything perfect!! Gianfranco

    I got my order. That was fast! Thanks. By sending your product thru the United States Postal Service Express Mail...You did the best thing---Again, thanks and I'm looking forward to making more business with you... F. V. J.

    Heals wounds quickly and has a medication in it to speed recovery. Elsie

    everything came in very good condition Susan

    It help protected my cought medecine glass bottle RIA

    It's a little unexpectedly easy for me to make my order of books on Dr Henry Wong

    Over all SG box is really very good online shoping services for health & studies. Fahim Khan

    superb packing Dr Sam Slutzki

    came before estimated date Theresa L.

    enough choice of books and good service Y. K.

    used since I little girl. very good product DJUWIMAN RIA

    Got my stuff on time M. B.

    Thank you very much for completing the order. My mother received the white flower oil today and is very excited. I think she will be sharing it with other members of our family that are suffering. Thank you. Marguerite D.

    Very ggod for artheritis pain B. G.

    Ordering from SGBox is always easy! B. B.

    love the products Ioana Z. B.

    The order arrived before the expected date. Excellent service. A.L. Puerto Rico

    Excellent selection and execution. T. H.

    We are happy to inform you that our order was delivered today. The items are complete and are in good condition. Thank you. P. C. Rivera

    Yes, excellent packaging. Arthur Booth

    Great service K. J.

    i have known this product when I was younger my father use this product for dandraft. G. A. T.

    Arrived two weeks ahead of schedule. T from USA

    Dear Sir, I have received what I ordered; they seem to be good materials for my kids to learn. Best regards, J. F. C.

    quick service and good information all the way from start ordering to receiving, L. T. P.

    when I e-mailed customer service my feed back was very prompt Watinae

    Goods were completely protected. E. A.

    A lot of exercises, drills it home with repetition. I love the step by step solutions! J. VELASQUEZ

    I received my order much sooner than expected. K. E. Sikorski

    I appliciate your speedy responce thank you. I. T.

    has improved my general health C. R.

    Very fast delivery. William Jacobs

    exallant service and quick response to all questions asked JOHN STUART GRAVES

    Thank You so much for my order of Zam Buk.We have used it in my family since I can remember about 65 yrs. Thank You Again .Great stuff. Sally Ferro Windsor ont Sally F.

    很好 谢谢 T,K,LIM

    Easy, hassle-free. D. S. L.

    It's great to shop in this site, efficient and organized, will shop again! T. M. L.

    As usual, the service was perfect. E. D.

    a very useful teaching resource P. M. D.


    pleasure to work with you, and your product is perfect hugh flanigan


    I shop by SGBOX because I like there Service Heinz Sorgen

    Appreciate the fast service I. M.

    This patch helps me with my low back pain and I never had any skin allergy. Sabyasachi B.

    We recieved the books today in perfect condition! thanks so much! Alexander

    The service was good Mrs T. J. B.

    others in the sauna like it also and have used it for rub J. Adams

    It took a week, I think. That's pretty quick! N. C. P. H.

    Great extension to the Australian syllabus Julie

    Dear Sir, I am pleased to inform you that I have received your parcel today. The studying material is very good for student who is preparing for the examination. Best regards, Chung Yin

    thank you very much for qıick deliver. SEVINC SARAL

    good price and product, thanks Dean K. W.

    Hello, I have well received my order. I knew your product when I was in Singapore. And I appreciate a lot this product. Jean-Claude Veret

    Looking forward to my next order! Arletta

    This product is very hard to find so I was very pleased to find it. D. F.

    Received the materials on time and in perfect condition. I was happy and would definitely use again. Kate Randolph

    It is really very nice experience Suresh K Vejju

    Shopping with SGBox is quick, website is user friendly. Fay

    It really works Mr

    the receiving of this product is very quick Mrs Hogenhuis

    Thank you for safe receipt of the Tiger Pain Patch delivery, code TMPWS. Mrs W. M.

    excellent service S. Khan

    Thank you i recieved my order yesterday evening and i am pleased with the book A. M.

    Thank you for the service. Very honest. Ricardo B. D. S.

    I am very happy with my order.I used to get my medicine directly from my doctor with double price ! Thanks for all. Shadi

    It is my first purchase from you. I am highly satisfied with shipment, now I just hope the medicine will help me cure my skin. Thanks a lot your services. Best Regards, Blazena Blazena C.

    The packages arrived in very good condition. No remarks. R. I. Urumov

    Dear SGBox, We recieved our order of algae yesterday, Deember 2, 2004. Very nice packaging. Sincerely, E. L. D.

    Very good shopping experience! G. B.

    You have excellent customer service. You even checked if I already received my order on the estimated arrival date, making me remember to check in my local post office. Thanks again. T. S.

    trusted people to deal with M. Verma

    Emails encouraged follow-up and feedback. Gary

    Graphics and explanations are well presented. M. N. W.

    Delivered what was promised. i cant ask for more than that. D. D. S.

    Received the order in good condition. Thanks SG Box team. M. A. V.

    Great product, we use it a lot for all sorts of niggles and pain Jason Sheldrake

    Best math curriculum I have found. Jane

    Important for my weightlifting N. W.

    Very good. Pushpa Ramalingam

    It is very good for muscle pain. D. C. J. JOLLY

    Good online seller V. R.

    I received my books on the exact day estimated, and they were in perfect condition. D. C.

    received prior to estimated delivery date MRS P. P.

    I ordered via surface mail. The books arrived in very good condition. I may say they were over protected. :) Karen

    Dear Sirs, This afternoon I received the item (soroban) in good order. Thanks and Best Regards. F. O.

    Excellent service, thanks very much. R. Evans

    My orders are small and two years apart, but the service is very good and prompt. M. M. P.

    Good material. A. Walker

    I've been using it for years. Especially for headaches or colds. T. H.

    received 5 work days after placing order M. A.

    Order was received Nov 13. One week ahead of schedule. J. R. Nelson

    Received items 2 days ahead of estimated date of arrival. J. R.

    Natural healing and it works! B. S.

    Good shopping experience! Mr O. L.

    Axe brand Universal Oil is an alternative treatment for pain and headaches. David K. Weis

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