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New Syllabus Primary Mathematics For 4th Grade / Primary 4 Package

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P4NSPM New Syllabus Primary Mathematics For 4th Grade / Primary 4 Package USD49.99

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Product details

  • This package includes all of the following:
    1. New Syllabus Primary Maths For 4th Grade / Primary 4 textbook 4A
      • Paperback: 153 coloured pages
    2. New Syllabus Primary Maths For 4th Grade / Primary 4 textbook 4B
      • Paperback: 127 coloured pages
    3. New Syllabus Primary Maths For 4th Grade / Primary 4 workbook 4A
      • Paperback: 170 pages
    4. New Syllabus Primary Maths For 4th Grade / Primary 4 workbook 4B
      • Paperback: 162 pages
  • Contents: Singapore Math curriculum for 4th Grade / Primary 4
  • Language: Written in English
  • Suitable for: 4th Grade / Primary 4 (home, school)
  • SGBox rating:

Product benefits

  • Concrete > pictorial > abstract approach
    These Singapore Maths textbooks and workbooks use the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to get your child involved in the learning of maths. Your child will learn new maths concepts through concrete activities. The maths concepts learnt are then represented in pictorial form. Your child is finally presented with a number of maths questions that require abstract thinking.

  • Special features
    Each chapter in these Singapore Maths textbooks contains:
    1. Do you know?
      Your child will be presented with relevant and thought-provoking questions with regard to real life situations at the start of each chapter, so that he may appreciate maths in his daily life.

    2. Let's learn
      Your child will learn new concepts in a straight-forward and interesting way. He will develop creative and critical thinking and master problem-solving strategies through the worked examples in this section.

    3. Let's explore
      Your child will develop lifelong learning skills, social skills such as effective communication, cooperation and team spirit, and IT skills through participation in these hands-on and IT activities.

    4. Let's think
      Your child will acquire higher-order thinking skills and be able to apply the concepts learnt though tackling these non-routine and challenging questions.

    5. Let's try
      Your child will master problem-solving skills in these exercises.

    6. Fun with maths
      Your child will learn to appreciate and love maths through these games and experiments.

  • Vivid and stimulating pictures
    These Singapore Maths textbooks and workbooks contain vivid and stimulating illustrations to instill fun and excitement into your child's learning of maths.

  • Ideal for children who are average and above in maths
    This is because these Singapore Maths textbooks and workbooks contain a good mix of elementary and challenging questions.

Customer ratings

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Customer testimonials

Below is what our customers said about this product after they had received their orders.

  • Dear SGBox, I received my order promptly and when I enquired about my order, I was surprised by how fast and efficient you were.I found you very customer-friendly and trust your company. As for the books, my children started to immediately use them and in fact they forced me to teach them Maths during their summer holdays. I'm so happy with the books taht I plan to order more of them. Thank you again for looking so promptly and efficiently into the matter. Regards V. S.

  • Hi SGBox, Received the above items with lots of thanks. I am really impressed with your friendly and speedy service. I appreciate your concern on security of the customer. Packing was excellent! The text books are attractive and very good quality. I am very pleased to get to know SGBox, where we can have quality and useful text books at our door step, promptly. Once again, thanks very much for your excellent service. Cheers! db

  • Good explanations of concepts, better than what I have seen in other math books. My son understood almost immediately what he needed to do. Mrs. Sciarretta

  • Good Morning, We have now received this shipment. Thank you very much for the fantastic course books, good packaging and fast shipment. Your customer service has been exceptional and I apologise for "loosing" your e-mails in the spam filters. We will be ordering a lot more in the future. Best Regards Matthew Morris

  • We received our order of books today. They arrived in perfect shape and both our children have begun devouring them. The books look to have excellent content on our initial review. We are all excited to have these resources to work through this summer! S D

  • My son like it. The book is colorful which able to gain his interest to do the exercise. Nice book. PIMPA

  • Our order of maths book for levels 2 and 4 arrived today in perfect conditions. We used Primary Mathematics textbooks for Levels 1 and 3 plus several of the other maths books from sgbox in our homeschool last year and I found them far superior to any other primary level maths program on offer. We will be back for more in the future! Barbara G.

  • Excellent books, service and packaging! As always sgbox, keep it up! Minnat-Allah Aboul-Ella

  • We love the Singapore Maths programme we purchased through SG Box. It can be daunting to order items from the other side of the world and shipped to the UK but we've done several times with SG Box over the years and have been always extremely satisfied with their communication, speed of delivery and condition in which they arrive. Highly recommended! L. Ball

  • This was well packed, arrived quickly and in perfect condition - I am very happy with SGBox! Michelle

  • The order was processed fast and with great service. Book came quickly an well packaged. Interesting books, some are outstanding. Thank you. Mr O. L.

  • Love the different methods that are used in this math course. The child picks up one or all and fully understands the foundation of math and for math. Nathalia

  • Received today 10 Aug. All books in good condition. Ordering was easy and delivery fast. Thank you. C. P.

  • My order arrived on the estimated date - this is excellent for an overseas delivery, particularly around the Christmas / New Year period. A. Perry

  • Thanks for making available the Singapore Math books. There was no other website in which I could purchase the same and have it shipped to India with minimal shipping charges. Thank you. PRINCE RICHARD

  • Using these materials to supplement my children learning from local school provide thorough understanding and more knowledge on the subject matter. N. Du

  • Products are perfect for my daughter because they provide the right level of textbook work and exercises. She is able to go through the work alone for the most part with help from me as needed! R. B.

  • Excellent presentation, very easy for kids to read. Covers good range of topics. Gary

  • Shopping through this website is very easy. With product comparison, it is very easy to decide which one to buy. The books are nicely written and easy for a kid to learn by himself. H. Y.

  • Wonderful service, fast shipping, my books arrived in perfect condition! J. P.

  • As a homeschooling family we needed a reasonably priced maths series that the children could work through independently. The Primary Mathematics series definitely gives your brain a workout. I have taken my year six (Australian) child back to year 4 level in this series, just to let her adjust to the rigour and not blow her confidence, and she is finding it very user friendly. Easy for her to follow the book, with colour pictures, scaffolded questions and prompts to estimate the answer first. C. T.

  • The materials inside are spot on; Very challenging and comprehensive, the perfect antidote to the weaker public school systems here! L. H.

  • I was pleasantly surprised, ordering maths books for my kids to be sent to New Delhi I was not sure if I would receive them but they arrived safe and sound and within a short timeframe. Will definately do business with you again SG Box, now looking at your science curriculum! Simon

  • Easy, interesting and creates a wanting to learn attitude within me. G. A. S.

  • I really appreciate the business with sgbox. Their shipments was fast and their customer service was top notch. I was able to get the math books for my daughter much earlier than expected. I will definitely do business with them again. S. I. Zaidi

  • Very happy with the customer service and with the shipping time. Thank you. Silvia

  • Hi, I received my order this morning. It arrived allin one piece, and my son is very pleased. I will order from you again when we need our next set of books. Thanks a lot, Linda Cooke

  • Dear people of SGBox, I am pleased to inform you that this week I received in excellent order the delivery of Singapore Maths books. Thank you very much for the prompt handling of my order. Kind regards, S D R

  • Easy to order. Very complete range of text books. N. C.

  • Shipping was very fast and books came in excellent condition. A. T.

  • Thank you for the prompt delivery, and sending all the way to the UK. M. K.

  • On an expected order delivery date of 18 June, I received the order on 13 June. A. C.

  • excellent! Thomson

  • I ordered via surface mail. The books arrived in very good condition. I may say they were over protected. :) Karen

  • I like the overall content and presentation. C. A. K. W.

  • Very detailed and structured. Good working examples and workbooks give lots of practice. S. CHEN

  • Everything is spectacular! Minnat-Allah Aboul-Ella

  • Arrived 10 July, as fast if ordered from within my own country. G. C.

  • Your math books are really good :) M. A. L. Y. C.

  • I homeschool and find these are wonderful resources. Camilla M.

  • This is our second order... the Singapore materials are very professional and are easy to understand for our children. I especially like the Science Teachers Manual by Master Teacher Mrs Nora Tao. Jennifer Schuh

  • This is our 3rd order. No problems. R. Cho

  • Hi, Thankyou I received the order today and appreciate the speed with which it arrived. Thankyou again for sorting out the probelem so quickly. S. D.

  • Fast and efficient as usual. Well done. S. C.

  • Everything in very good condition. We love it. M. M. G.

  • Thank You SGbox. You guys are awesome. You help me help my little boy in his studies. You provide a great service. A. L.

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