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New Syllabus Mathematics For Seventh Grade / Grade 7 / Secondary 1 Package (8th Edition)

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S1NSM New Syllabus Mathematics For Seventh Grade / Grade 7 / Secondary 1 Package (8th Edition) USD55.99

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Product details

Product benefits

  • Used in over 80% of the secondary schools in Singapore
    Over 80% of the secondary schools in Singapore are using this series of math books, making it the most widely used math series in Singapore secondary schools. This is testament to the excellent material found in these Singapore Math textbook and workbook.

  • Caters to students of different abilities
    These Singapore Math textbooks contain many examples, graded exercises and activities for students of different abilities.

  • Systematic approach
    Your child will be taught the fundamental mathematical concepts in these Singapore Math textbooks and workbooks before progressing to the more advanced principles in each chapter.

  • Exercise questions
    These Singapore Math textbooks and workbooks contain plenty of questions for each topic that reinforce the concepts, skills and processes taught.

  • Non-routine questions
    These are questions whose solutions require thinking skills and problem-solving heuristics, and they help to develop your child's' problem solving skills.

  • Critical and creative thinking
    Thought-provoking questions appear throughout these Singapore Math textbooks and workbooks to promote and stimulate critical and creative thinking in your child.

  • Clear and simple language
    The clear and simple language used in these Singapore Math workbooks will help to ease your child's learning of mathematical concepts and skills.

  • Fun and excitement
    These Singapore Math textbooks instill a lot of fun and excitement into the learning of math through the use of lively pictures, fun activities and interesting text in the book margins.

  • Answer keys
    Answer keys are included at the end of these Singapore Math textbooks and workbooks, that is, the last few pages. This will enable your child to check their answers. You may also detach and keep them out of reach of your child.

  • Step-by-step worked solutions to workbook questions available separately
    These Singapore Math workbooks contains so many practice questions you or your child may be stumped every now and then. While they each contains an answer key, they do not contain any worked solutions. If you want their worked solutions to find out how to solve any of the workbook questions or whether you or your child has solved them correctly, you may want to also get New Syllabus Mathematics For Seventh Grade / Grade 7 / Secondary 1 Workbook Solutions Manual.

Customer ratings

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Customer testimonials

Below is what our customers said about this product after they had received their orders.

  • Your product is unsurpassed. I am a home school instructor and I wouldn't consider teaching from anything else. I've spent countless hours searching curiculim and nothing else has come close. Eric

  • Thank you so much for the very quick delivery - I wasn't expecting it for at least another week! As a mathematician and mathematics teacher who longs for the "good old days" in which pupils were given a thorough grounding in the basics underlying the subject (Algebra and Geometry), your books are a revelation! It is no small wonder that Singapore students maintain their enviable success rate in mathematics at Primary and Senior levels when your curriculum is based around such wonderful books. They are packed full of searching and thought provoking examples and investigations that do not shy away from giving pupils challenging mathematics to deal with. For this the authors are to be fully commended. It's comforting to know that some Departments of Education are willing to entertain the (remote) possibility of some partial failures in a system having high-expectations for the greater good of the discipline, its teachers and of our future mathematicians. The alternative is so often to opt for inflated grades, shallow and lack-lustre syllabi, implemented all too often solely for political favour rather than the benefit of our pupils and their development. Dr Dabbs (UK).

  • Thank you. I recieved my order in a timely manner. Your Math curriculum is the best. The writers are instructional masters! E. B.

  • Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you so much for helping me track this parcel. Your books are very good I have just glanced through it. Once again Thank you so much! Regards Shamini Umasuthan

  • Dear Sirs, I got the box. All the contents in the books are excellent. Thank you very much! Have a good day! Stella Li

  • Excellent Service!!. The package crossed the world up to Mexico City. Your service is amazing. Thanks Hector M.

  • This is an email to let you know that we have recieved Our order. Thank you for the speedy delivery, the packages arrived two days before scheduled. After reviewing the order, we are very impressed with the quality of both the books and the service. again thank you SGBox And Thanks Mom and Dad! Joe B.

  • Dear SGBox, I received my order promptly and when I enquired about my order, I was surprised by how fast and efficient you were.I found you very customer-friendly and trust your company. As for the books, my children started to immediately use them and in fact they forced me to teach them Maths during their summer holdays. I'm so happy with the books taht I plan to order more of them. Thank you again for looking so promptly and efficiently into the matter. Regards V. S.

  • the books are in order and I am happy to say my son has started to go through them.We are impressed with the Singapore standard. Madam Tey

  • Excellent books, service and packaging! As always sgbox, keep it up! Minnat-Allah Aboul-Ella

  • Dear Friends ! Great thanks! We received our order yesterday, 24 of June. Great thanks for good service. We have two books (Secondary 2) which we received two years ago from you. That are excellent books! And we recommend these books to all our friends to use in teaching children. Good luck. Sincerely yours Vladimir and Rita Kononenko

  • The books arrived two days ago. I liked them very for they are well written and present the material gradually, and I also apreciate your service, because they came very fast. It was a pleasure to buy from you. And I hope to buy your products again in the future. Mauricio

  • My order arrives before I expected and the package and condition of my product its is amazing...very serious and trustfull online store. thanks a lot. Fabian

  • Receiving my orders from SGBox was like Christmas in May. I was very happy with the condition of the books which arrived and will be spending the next week studying the materials. L.P. Mercado

  • We received the math books sooner than expected, and the quality of the academic curriculum surpasses our expectations. We will be ordering more soon. Thank you so much. Valencia

  • Very simple to buy the books, received on time, good price. Monica M.

  • Great product--we use it to make up for deficiencies in our school's math program. R. A.

  • Fantastic "Customer Response and Satisfaction Service" the best experience online - by far. A. Gomes

  • On the Package it was stamped April 3, 2009 by the Customs. I received a notice to collect slip from the Post on , would you believe April 9, 2009! Amazing Dwight

  • The order was processed fast and with great service. Book came quickly an well packaged. Interesting books, some are outstanding. Thank you. Mr O. L.

  • I received my order in quite good condition on July 15 . I was glad to receive it in shorter time . Thanks for your professional service ! Mr. Zhao . Z. W. B.

  • My order arrived on the estimated date - this is excellent for an overseas delivery, particularly around the Christmas / New Year period. A. Perry

  • Text books ordered from SGbox just arrived - all the items I ordered were delivered, very neatly packaged and in excellent condition. David

  • simple and easy on line shopping.moreover,the products receive on time. tham kh T. K. H.

  • Excellent products, and fast service. Will order again, thanks LDD

  • Excellent communication and prompt, reasonably speedy overseas shipping. Todd Pytel

  • Quality product and quick delivery D. L. C. K. E.

  • Easy to order Fast delievery Great books N. C.

  • Dear Sir, Receiving my order in good condition with thanks. Your services are absolutely satisfied. Rgds. Pat

  • This is the first time shopping from Singapore. Very pleased by easy- to-do order system and prompt delivery! Thank you! Keep up your good work! C. S. Y.

  • I got your books today. I was suprise that we got them sooner than I expected. Thank you for your good service. Have a nice day and thank you. Best regards, Nan Ju Kim

  • Hello staff at SGBox, I am pleased to let you know that our order arrived today and we are very pleased with it and with your service which was trouble free, efficient and straight forward. Thank you kindly, J. and R. F.

  • good book,excellent seller! Mr.Liu

  • Dear SGBox, Received your delivery. Very please with your prompt service and as usual your products are excellent. J Wang

  • Easy to order online. Quick delivery. S. S.

  • Hi, I've received the parcel from SGBox. Thank you very much for your efficient and prompt service. Regards Sarah

  • This is the second time I am ordering from this company, and they delivered the books very quickly....I was reluctand initially since the company was based half globe away...but I am very satisfied. B. B.

  • Excellent quality and service. L. Cooke

  • Experience was good. Items came a lot quicker than I have expected. T. C.

  • To SGBox, I have received all my items today. These items have been arrived to my house in Japan, very fast. I thank that you have given e-mail and telephone to me. I think that you are very kind. Thank you for your sending my items to me. Thank you. YAMADA

  • The packaging was carefully and excellently done so the books arrived in mint condition - I look forward to our next order. Lsa Watson

  • Easy and responsive B. R.

  • It's the third time I receive orders from SGBOX. Always, fast, simple and reliable. Joao R. D. L.

  • By now I have recieved my order of math books in very well condition thank you for your kind attention. Azhari

  • Hi there, This is to confirme that my order was received two days ago on Feb. 16th. I haven't check the books yet but I am pleased with your service. Thanks. Z.

  • To the team at SGBox, Books arrived yesterday thankyou. We are very pleased with them and thank you for all your help putting the special order together. Cheers, Tanya Oomen

  • Just to inform you I have received my books in good condition. Thanks, Melgarejo

  • Excellent customer service Mina

  • Good service C. T. C.

  • My daughter loves math - she cannot get enough of it! Sherry

  • I received my order in Feb. 8. Very pleased. Thanks! Stacy

  • Hi there, I delighted to say that my order just arrived. I’ll let you know more once I’ve reviewed the material. Thanks for the speedy delivery. ~ Amy Ross

  • Hi, We have received the boxes on time. Sorry for my late response. S. H.

  • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Solomon Antwi

  • Had a good shopping experience M. E.

  • Very good Sakpon Chaimongkol

  • It's great to shop in this site, efficient and organized, will shop again! T. M. L.

  • It was a good service H. K.

  • I received the package last Tuesday. Thanks for the quick delivery. Best Regards Freddy Chan

  • It is delivered on time. Hua song

  • Arrived in good condition and on time. U. S. I.

  • Excellent service Y. N.

  • Dear SGBOX Team, I received my order today and am very pleased with it. Thank you. S. G. H., Deputy Principal, English programme

  • Thank you for the very prompt delivery! F. S.

  • I homeschool and find these are wonderful resources. Camilla M.

  • I have got the package box, Thank you for prompt delivery! P. C.

  • All is good A. M.

  • I have ordered from your company many times and have always been satisfied with the service. A. F.

  • Very detailed and structured. Good working examples and workbooks give lots of practice. S. CHEN

  • As a homeschooling parent these books have been very beneficial and easy to work through. THANK YOU. E. S.

  • 8 days from Singapore to UK. Estimate was 1 Sept, actual is 21 August. Graham Hardwick

  • Overall i'd like to recommend you to use this website but please i'd rather you would choose by air. Minseok Jang

  • Received the order in good condition. Thanks SG Box team. M. A. V.

  • Very good. Pushpa Ramalingam

  • Quick service. Easy to order. Michele

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