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Our Customers' Testimonials

We are very glad that we have made a difference in the lives of our customers and their loved ones with our products and service. Our customers' kind testimonials always touch us deeply and inspire us to continue our work.

How our customers describe our products and service:

"Excellent products!" ... "Excellent service!"
"Perfect condition!" ... "Prompt delivery!"

The following are selected unedited email comments from some of our customers from all over the world. In order to protect their privacy, some of their names had been replaced with their initials or omitted as per their instructions. We will never disclose our customers' email addresses and other contact details to any third parties. Please view our Privacy Policy.

If you have any testimonials about our products or service that you would like to share with us, please send them to us. In order to maintain our credibility and the credibility of our customers' testimonials, we do not offer anything in exchange for our customers' testimonials.

We would like to thank all our customers for their kind comments and permission for us to reproduce them on our website. We would also like to say a big "Thank You!" to all our customers for their continued support of SGBox. May they always be well and happy.

    A comprehensive product that will give my child a solid foundation in the basics of mathematics, will build confidence for further study and as an added bonus will give him a headstart on his peers. The product is colourful and fun so my son is eager to use it. I highly recommend it. W. A. Thomas

    We received our order of books today. They arrived in perfect shape and both our children have begun devouring them. The books look to have excellent content on our initial review. We are all excited to have these resources to work through this summer! S D

    Package arrived 11 days BEFORE estimated delivery -- Excellent! I was very impressed with your web site, the ease of ordering, the quickness of delivery...and then the books! Colorful, exciting, easy for my son to understand. I can't find a thing to complain about, except for the fact that my school district is not using your system.. I have already shared your books with other parents in my school district, and am sure that you will be getting orders from many of them, as these books are superior to those used in our district. I'm going to be using your math books in the years to come, as they are far superior to the curriculum offered by my sons school. Jennifer

    I ordered the GCE O Level Pure Physics Past Years' Questions And Solutions Manual on September 17th. I received the manual in Malta in seven days!!! This is very impressive thanks to the efficiency of The manual itself is excellent; the worked examples being clearly explained in a step by step method leading to the solution. I am so pleased both with the manual and the excellent service of that I am now ordering the Pure Physics Keypoints to complement the manual. Thanks once again. Take care and God Bless. Warmest wishes all the way from MALTA Frank Camilleri M.A. Educ.

    Zam-Buk has been used by my family since 1968. It helps to heal faster than most other medicated ointments, it reduces the chance of scaring from cuts and burns and seems to take the sting out of abrasions. It is also helpful in reducing the discolouration caused by bruising. It has countless uses and all of them are effective. N. E. Bradcoe

    Dear SGBox The books arrived last Friday. The parcel arrived in perfect condition and we are very satisfied with the contents. My daughter has started work in the maths books and finds that they are very well laid out with clear examples and instruction. We have had a quick look through the science books and they promise to be as good as the maths! So far we find that these are excellent products and look forward to ordering from you in the future. Best wishes Sandie McDonnell

    Initially I thought of buying just the text and work books as used by the Singapore students, but the recommended workbooks in the respective Singapore Mathematics and Science grade packages are very well selected. They include solutions that are helpful for me to grade my children's work. The Mathematics teacher's Guide is colourful, but sadly the Science Teacher's Guide comes in Black & white. C. H.

    Dear sir/madam Have received the books today. Thank you and we will be back in touch soon for more books. Your service is very good and I cannot give you enough praise as to how you run your business. Very professional and it's a pleasure to deal with you. Also you may want to know that the books you supplied have been received with great delight in Vietnam. They are so well written and presented. Thank you once again for your help. Regards Bill Wallace

    I was recommended to you by my friend who is a school teacher and who had a very positive experience with your books. I am very happy to say that I also have a great experience with you from the moment I placed my order till when I received my order which arrived in a pretty big package. It was much more well packed than any other packages that I had ever received from other online stores. Most important of all, the books are of very high quality. The content is very well thought and written, the concepts are very well taught, the exercises are very meaningful and each book has a specific purpose. I am a private tutor and I am using your books to teach my student who is showing amazing progress and great enthusiasm in her math lessons now. I will be ordering your other books soon for my other students. Cindy Turnbull

    The package was received promptly and in good order. The product is excellent for children who are learning Chinese as a second language, or who live in a Chinese-speaking family outside of Asia. All Chinese mainland textbooks I have seen do not hit the mark for the young second language learner market, but the SGBox edition one is right on target. It entertains and challenges at the same time. The instructions for teachers are extremely helpful. Sincerely, N.D. Rockville, Maryland USA

    I am extremely impressed with the checkout process - which was seamless, the fast shipping, and the packaging of the educational products that I ordered. I decided to order the SGBox Math kit for Grade 1, and I must say, I was "floored"(-aussie slang)!! I was...more than impressed....I'd have to rate the thought that went into making that pack up, as 400%. And I would definitely order the SGBox kit again for the next level. 4/4/08. Seeto


    Hi sgbox, I am writing to say that I have the best on-line shopping experience with SGBox. It was just amazing that someone from customer support actually called me (in Canada) minutes after I emailed regarding the delivery of my order. You guys are doing a terrific job. I received my order days before your quoted delivery time. I will surely shop again at SGBOX. Keep up the excellent work and service. You may post this on your customers feedback. K. T. Canada

    Your products always arrive in prompt fashion; never damaged and secured beyond measure. We use the White Flower Embrocation in our home extensively. My mother has osteoporosis and arthritis in her back. She uses your product daily and it has assisted tremendously in pain control. I use it when the arthritis in my shoulder becomes intolerable. Generally the pain is manageable within 12 hours. We have shared this product with friends and from their results I'm sure they'll be ordering directly from SGBox in short order. Thanks again for excellent service! Beverly

    Hi, Thank you for sending me these books. We have received them and my son has begun to work with the english and the sciences curriculum. After one week, he is still eager to work on the books and undertake every task with pleasure. Being bilingual, with english not being used regularly at home, this curriculum is exactly what we needed. The sciences are a hit at home and it seems that it opens his regards towards the world he is leaving in. Thank you for a great curriculum, Catherine

    Efficient and well organised company, providing a good range of products, very good packaging and delivery, and excellent communication. Thank you. Graham

    It is so easy to find the desired items on the store, and the order has arrived much earlier than expected and in perfect state. A++ for SGBox! Sergio

    I think it's apparent through the fastidious packaging and the level of communication from staff that SGBox truly cares about its customers. That's really great. B. S.

    This is my second time purchasing your products online. Shopping on your website was really easy, and customer service is most friendly! Delivery was superb, and the packaging was marvelous! Keep up the great work! The textbooks are truly excellent. I bought them to home school my son. Singaporean syllabus is much better! Cecilia C.

    Dear Friends at SGBox, The order arrived this morning in good order, it was well packaged. I am very happy with the product. I have to say that the reason I ordered the Hudsons Eumenthol Jujubes, was that my father used to always have some on hand, particularly when we were singing in the choir. They were a valuable help in being able to sing with a clear throat and nasal passage! As far as I know they have not been available in Australia for many years. I decided to go online and see if they were available, and that is how I found your web page, and hence the order. Thank you for the promptness of your reply and filling of the order. The service and the email correspondence were very frienly. Yours faithfully, David W Purling

    Dear SGBox. I just received my order n° 2007090904321500 and I am really satisfied about the product "Medicated Plaster" that is fantastic to solve my backache. Compliments both for your service ,fast delivery and for the packing. Only your Tiger Balm Pain Patch is able to help me. Thank again and I will contact you in the future for others order. Antonio T. from Italy

    Good Morning, We have now received this shipment. Thank you very much for the fantastic course books, good packaging and fast shipment. Your customer service has been exceptional and I apologise for "loosing" your e-mails in the spam filters. We will be ordering a lot more in the future. Best Regards Matthew Morris

    Sun Chlorella has helped me in many ways. I started about six months ago and I'm happy to say now that I no longer suffer with internal hemorrhoids that have affected my health for the last 5 years. Due to all the blood loss I ended up very low iron, then I was told my my doctor to take Iron pills which only constipated me and made my problems worse. For about a month now I've been free of the bleeding internal hemorrhoids and my iron levels have come back up! Thank you so much SUN CHLORRELA! Ioana Z.

    Since the products arrived on October 01, 2012, and immediately, I started to use from day one to day five, I have started to see great changes on my hair. When I had completed my order, I was so glad, eventhough I had waited for a while, it was my choice. Everything about the service was so great and kind, and honest. I was happy and confident...because I knew I was in the right hand of the company with my money to spend/purchasing on line in a far away nation. This is a very transparent business that gives hope and willingness to go back again and again, and at the same time, introducing such to the best friends... I love this company. Thank you for doing the right thing in the right place at the right time, and satifying me as your customer. Hope to order again different type in the future. Bye for now, Daniel Bakhiet Daniel Bakhiet

    Thank you so much for the very quick delivery - I wasn't expecting it for at least another week! As a mathematician and mathematics teacher who longs for the "good old days" in which pupils were given a thorough grounding in the basics underlying the subject (Algebra and Geometry), your books are a revelation! It is no small wonder that Singapore students maintain their enviable success rate in mathematics at Primary and Senior levels when your curriculum is based around such wonderful books. They are packed full of searching and thought provoking examples and investigations that do not shy away from giving pupils challenging mathematics to deal with. For this the authors are to be fully commended. It's comforting to know that some Departments of Education are willing to entertain the (remote) possibility of some partial failures in a system having high-expectations for the greater good of the discipline, its teachers and of our future mathematicians. The alternative is so often to opt for inflated grades, shallow and lack-lustre syllabi, implemented all too often solely for political favour rather than the benefit of our pupils and their development. Dr Dabbs (UK).

    Dear SGBox As promised your shipping was on time , i have been using Kaninomoto Hair Regrowth for just over a week now and have noticed a vast improvement. Previously i used pantene hair tonic , and my hair grew like weeds , but this was taken off the market , and i had not been able to find a decent subsitute until now. Most hair tonics are full of chemicals and do more damage than good nowadays. Kaninomoto is organic and is doing what the pantene hair tonic used to do , if not better. My hair is notably less brittle , and i have noticed it has started returning to its natural bronze colour and the sheen has definately returned. My scalp has also improved impressively. My hair is now more wavey and easy to manage. With regards to growth , in nearly two weeks , ten days my hair had grown by 5-10mm depending on the area , whereas before it was showing no growth at all , regardless of all the manufacturers false promises i had tried. I tried them all , Kaninomoto was the only one that did work ! With thanks to Kaninomoto and SGBox N.S.

    A comprehensive product that will give my child a solid foundation in the basics of mathematics, will build confidence for further study and as an added bonus will give him a headstart on his peers. The product is colourful and fun so my son is eager to use it. I highly recommend it. W. A. Thomas

    I live in the state of Illinois in the United States. I received my order of Tiger Balm Joint Rub within 2 weeks. It was well-packed and in excellent condition. This is the only company that offers this product online. We cannot find it anywhere in the U.S. Ordering from them is truly a positive experience. I have no doubt that I will be a repeat customer in the future. The company maintains a high level of quality customer service and communication. I highly recommend this company to everyone. I will certainly recommend it to all my acquaintances. Alison B.


    I received my order and I am so pleased with the quality of this product! I have an autistic son that I am trying to catch up on his math throughout this summer, and these books are so perfect! They are eye-catching, fun, and progressively logical in their approach to mathematics. I am sold on this product! Thanks for a great product! J. Halisky

    I received my order on 26/10/2007. Thank you so much for your friendly and excellent service, it is a pleasure dealing with people like you. Even if we are almost on the on the side of the planet ,it feels like dealing with family. You are only satisfied the moment you get conformation that the client received his parcel......that's excellent service! Regards, Anton Jacobs.

    Excellent prompt deliveries I have been ordering from SGBOX for the last 7-8 years and never had a problem. Sabyasachi B.

    Our 3 children immediately opened their books and worked for 1 1/2 hours on them (without being asked)! I was amazed because they feel burned out of their regular math programs. SG Box offers challenging math books that are FUN! Our books arrived in Canada 8 business days before expected very well packaged and in PERFECT condition. Jodie O.

    I am writing you about receiving the Yellow Balm today. I was given the Green Balm by a friend at bowling for my wrist, I have DeQuervain's tenosynovitis and with wrist exercises as well is the only thing that has taken the pain away in almost a year. I swear by it and will use all the time. I also have arthritis in my achilles and have a heel spur and this works with it as well. Thanks for all you products and I will keep using. B. K.

    I was hesitant to order all the way from singapore (we live in canada) but your service was excellent, the books were received on time and in excellent condition, but best of all was that my daughter who just couldn't understand math finally gets it. Your materials are attractive, easy to use and start off simply but progress to challenging math problems. My daughter who cried everytime i brought out the math books now says,"can we do math first?" i have recommended your program to a friend and she has just placed her first order. One last thing, the cost is very reasonable. Thanks so much! Sylvia Usling

    Wonderful experience.Safe transaction and GREAT BOOKS.PLS GET THEM FOR YOUR KIDS YOU WON'T REGRET IT. R. Beharie

    SGBox has done a great job delivering the order. It was as if buying from a bookstore in the nearby street. Quality service and fantastic books. The description of books is very clear on their website and they have been grouped wisely. Thank you SGBox ! D. Chhetri

    Hello SGBox, We have received the order we placed with you, it arrived here on Wednesday 15 September. We are impressed with how quickly the order came, and will be using your service in the future. The pain patches are very effective, and gave me enough relief to get a decent nights sleep! I have told several people about the patches, so maybe you will be receiving more orders soon. Thank you. Tom and Barbara Jeffries

    We received our order in record time and are very pleased with the materials. My kids were so excited when they first saw the books. I had never seen them so eager to do math. The best part is they are learning so much and so quickly while enjoying it. I have recommended your books to my friends and we will be back for more. Thank you so much for such great books and good service. Mandy Madoff

    Dear SGBox, I received my order promptly and when I enquired about my order, I was surprised by how fast and efficient you were.I found you very customer-friendly and trust your company. As for the books, my children started to immediately use them and in fact they forced me to teach them Maths during their summer holdays. I'm so happy with the books taht I plan to order more of them. Thank you again for looking so promptly and efficiently into the matter. Regards V. S.

    It is amazing to me that English 10th grade course from SGBox is far superior to any other home school products that we have found here in the United States. We home school our daughter because of the poor quality of the elementary and secondary schools in our country. It is a shock to find that a really excellent English course is only available from Singapore. English has always been a difficult for our daugther, but she has fun with your course, especially the essays and vocabulary. Thanks James J. T.

    I would like to thank you at for the professional manner and timeliness which was undertaken to ensure that I would receive the package before the time. I am recommending this site to any potential educator. Excellent math books and accompanying workbooks, and superb quality . Dwight

    Dear someone who may in charge; I received the order I had made the other day and it was the day before yesterday. I was surprised and was pleased to have it so early since I was expecting it being delivered early next week. Sorry for the delay of this email as I haven't have time thinking and writing English. For the last, I'd add the reason I purchased the product. My mother got the exact product as a souvenir of Singapore from her granddaughter, and she liked it very much because it gave relief from her pains in muscles and joints. Thank you, Sachiko

    Thank you so much for my promptly filled order. The packaging used to protect the books was first class. I thank you for that. And as for the books themselves, not only is their content absolutely appropriate for the intended age groups, but the structure is superb and the quality is first rate. You run an excellent service. Best wishes. Vin Nolan

    kaminomoto was recommended by my mom who was using it when she was in college. i had used it for a month i notice that the hair is not falling out as much..before about 20-30 hair strands fall out everyday now only about 2-5 Karen F.

    Hi, I am extremely happy with the SGBox set I ordered from you. First of all your customer support is fantastic and I was very happy to recieve the order in a shorter time than you had promised. I have been using these books with my 5 year old son and he loves it. He cannot wait to get back from school and start with "maks" as he calls it. I particularly love the way the books are designed in very simple and clear pictures , that my son can work on it even without my help sometimes. The books have a lot of simple skill practice interspersed with some thought provoking word questions. It gives the child a perspective different from just regular drilling. On the whole, I love it and it has given my son a lot of confidence in maths. I hope to follow up on the sets as and when he masters them. Thank you SGBox for the fantastic service and product. Chandrika, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    I was looking for AMMELTZ and was thinking how to buy it? But as searched for the word AMMELTTZ on GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE, I came across SGBOX and as I went deep into the site, I learnt the way of getting AMMELTZ. I gave it a try (meaning took risk) and when the ultimate product reached me well in time and with proper packing/ mode of despatch, I was shocked and surprised as the sytem is just perfect. Fully secure and organised. I am certainly very satisfied. ALL THE BEST TO "SGBOX" NIPPAM J. SHAH

    The service from this team is top notch and would certainly be happy to do business with them again. Delivery is on time and customer relations is the best I've experienced from internet based business(and thats saying alot having made purchases over the internet over the past 4 years). The only company that ever gave me an overseas call to confirm my order made online.Keep up the excelllent customer care and TWO THUMBS UP OR 5 STARS(whichever anyone can relate to)! A. S.

    The customer sevice rendered by SGBox is incredible! I ran into a slight techinical difficulty with my order, but SGBox resolved it very quickly. I am most impressed by the way you packed your books for delivery! The box was a a little squashed, but the books remain intact. Delivery was super fast! Your textbooks are amazing! We'll be using these incredible books as tuition materials for Malaysian students. Thanks you so much, SGBox! Will definitely buy from you again! C. Chai

    Dear SGBox, We received our order on Friday 3-19 and in perfect condition. This as our third order from SGBox and we have been impressed each time with the very prompt and helpful service. The English, Chinese Language and Math Books are of very high quality and are just right for the ages of our kids. They are learning so much and having fun too. I was nervous at first to order from so far away, but SGBox has proven to to be so reliable that I would not hesitate to recommend your company to other homeschoolers who are looking for quality supplies and books. Thank you again Laurie B.

    My sister burned three fingers, quite badly, on the door of a wood burning stove. She cooled the burn under cold water right away, she dried her hand, then kept Zam-buk on it steady for about 2-3 weeks. You can't even see where she burned it now! My husband has cut his hands and fingers countless times, (usually after sharpening the kitchen knives). Stitches or not, Zam-buk reduces the healing time, and there's almost no scarring. There are several teens in our family, and they all use Zam-buk to reduce the inflamation from acne. This can actually reverse a blemish before it erupts and produces an "acne sore" and resultant scarring. N. Bradcoe

    On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my overall shopping experience a 10. My order was very well packed. Service was really good. Well done, SGBox. Kathryn

    Buying at is very satisfactory. At your own home you can easely look at a lot of products, pick out one or some like in a real shop. Paying is also very easely done: choose a method that suits you well. meanwhile does all your "paperwork": when did you order, when will your products be delivered, have they already been delivered, at any moment you can follow your order by a tracking system.Last but not least lets you evaluate the complete road from shopping at home till after the arrival of your order at your home. Remarkebly good! RDG Mackaay

    Hello SGBox! Thank you so very much for your kind prompt service. My 9 year old daughter loves her new books (math) and I love the conceptual way the topic is expressed. Thank you for being an excellent company in a world where customer service is dying. Melina Winterton - Virginia USA

    I was referred to SGBOX by a friend, who told me about the product I had ordered. The first time using it, I was very impressed at the tingling/refreshing sensation I felt on my itchy scalp. AAAHHHHH!!!!! I also have had growth to my hair, and it feels so strong and healthy. I have been looking for a product like this for a while, similar to another tonic I used many years ago. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!!! Lilli I.

    My son found your website, as i could not find this product for the life of me. i am not very computer litterate. anyway, once he turned your web site over to me (and with his help), i had no trouble finding exactly what i was looking for. the selection, and information was excellent. the ordering process was as easy as i've ever done, and the return e-mails, and conformations were very prompt. the whole process only took about 15 minutes. i got the e-mail that the product had been shipped, and how to track it etc., within 4 hours of my order! I just want to thank you for the experience of doing bussiness with your company, sicerely, DEE K. B. V. K.

    Good explanations of concepts, better than what I have seen in other math books. My son understood almost immediately what he needed to do. Mrs. Sciarretta

    Fast shipment excellent products. I would come back and order more. That's the way of doing business. Great products honesty and reliability will bring the customers back. Thank you so much! Product order: Red Sun Takara Received at Boston MA USA, H. N.

    Hassle free online shopping. Delivery is fast & packaging is good. Books are well structured & very relevant for the targeted age group. ONG Y. K.

    Quality materials at an affordable price with great customer satisfaction. I will be looking forward to additional purchases. Thanks! David Gregg

    My 13 year old daughter has homeschooled all her life. She is far beyond grade level in science and we wanted a curriculum that would be challenging yet set out in a way that would let her work through it on her own, as I don't have the knowledge to teach science at this level. I think we've finally found it! I especially like that there are separate workbooks so she can practice concepts as she learns them. The format is attractive and though the real-life examples do assume the student lives in Singapore, we're finding the multicultural tidbits an interesting bonus. I expect we'll eventually get the physics and biology, as well. Lisa Ross

    Your product is unsurpassed. I am a home school instructor and I wouldn't consider teaching from anything else. I've spent countless hours searching curiculim and nothing else has come close. Eric

    While I have used the Singapore Primary Math books for over 10 years (pre-2001 syllabus), I had not realized that there were more contemporary textbooks available for US based customers. As a homeschool parent, these new texts have far exceeded my expectations and are a significant improvement on the Primary Mathematics texts currently available from US based retailers. The graphics are much more engaging and the supporting materials are very thorough and provide a significant amount of extra practice. I will say, making the transition from 5B old text to 6A new text, the 6A (except for algebra) will predominantly be review (3 of the six chapters) of 5B with some additional challenging problems and twists. That said, for the student having previously worked with Singapore Math, the transition in texts should be a confidence booster because the problems build in complexity at a nice pace. I also can not emphasize enough how pleased I am with the supplementary texts, which include answer keys. The explanations are clear and the additional practice problems are excellent for building skill, speed, accuracy, and fundamental understanding. I would highly recommend these products - not just the textbooks and workbooks but also the additional guides. Karen D.

    We received the shipment, of course in perfect condition. My son can't wait to start, he's finishing the work so fast because he loves it! You most certainly may use my statement. We love your products!!!!! Kind regards, M. Ram

    For once am able to buy something from the internat and not have strasse for once. I will like to say a big thank you to . Please keep the good work up M. S. H.

    Dear SGBox, I picked up your package on Saturday 8th of October. Again, I was very impressed with the fast service, ever faster than the last time I bought books from your company. Very impressed with the book, exactly what I wanted. I hope that this valuable material will help my students understand and learn Physics and Math. You have my permission to reprint these statements. Many thanks Sincerely Larry Hannif-Ali

    It is the only product I have found to relieve the spasms and sharp nerve pain in my neck following an automobile accident in 1974. Relief for me after 34 years is a tremendous blessing. E. J. H.

    The product received is exactly that we have ordered. The SGBox-Service was better than expected, especially compared to other Internet-Sellers. SGBox is a serious distributor and is well organized. Ulrich Bruehlmann

    Hi SGBox, Received the above items with lots of thanks. I am really impressed with your friendly and speedy service. I appreciate your concern on security of the customer. Packing was excellent! The text books are attractive and very good quality. I am very pleased to get to know SGBox, where we can have quality and useful text books at our door step, promptly. Once again, thanks very much for your excellent service. Cheers! db

    I love this stuff. I use it for muscle aches, headaches, mosquito bites, colds, rashes, etc.. It is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about it. It is a wonderful pain reliever. Jennifer, USA

    Thank you. I recieved my order in a timely manner. Your Math curriculum is the best. The writers are instructional masters! E. B.

    Dear SGBox, I received my order yesterday, March 23, in perfect condition, well before the promised deadline. The service provided is excellent, the products outstanding. There is really nothing to complain about and I am looking very much forward to place my next oder in the near future. Thanks again SGBox. Sincerely Yours Erich

    My son was pestering me the entire weekend to start his science early! From what I have seen these books are FANTASTIC! They look simplistic with lots of illustrations but teach important scientific concepts almost without you noticing. The activities look fun and I have not seen any that require hard to get items yet. Mrs. Sciarretta

    Dear SgBox, I'd received my parcel today, 16/11/04. They're well-packed and in perfect condition and delivered within specified times. I'd been looking everywhere for these Chinese books everywhere in Sydney but couldn't find quality books such as these until I found out about SgBox. I will be happy to order more in future, especially for my children. In short, excellent products, service, and prompt delivery. Angela Heng

    Hi SGBox: I'm very happy with your service and the books I bought. They are the right books I've been looking for a long time. My 9 year old daughter, in Primary School Year 4, so called "talented child in Maths" by her School teachers, had just finished Practice Paper in Mathematics Challenging Problems Primary Five yesterday and she is looking forward to do the next Unit and the other books too. In the past I bought lots of Primary Year 6 Maths books for her in UK. It seems they were all too easy for her. At last I found the right books! I'm going to let my son and the other daughter, age 12 and 10, try the other books. I'm sure they'll enjoy the books too. It is sure I'll continue buying the books from you as they are such excellent books. Once again, thank you very much! Best regards Mrs J H

    I am impressed with the supplimentry books in this pack. They provide the student with extra practice should you need to do more of a topic, as they are in topical order. There is enough variety of books to cover all types of students, leaving no-one behind. I gave my son so much in one day and the next morning he said "Can I have the same amount you gave me yesterday? I like doing them." Seeto

    Dearest SGBOX, Thank you so much for recommending MediLynk Transdermal Glucosamine Cream (High Strength) 75g / 2.65 oz. It is so effective! My mum has been suffering from osteoarthritis. Her knee joints were so painful at times she could hardly stand up and walk properly. She had consulted a few doctors but the results were so-so. But after using your recommended product for three weeks, her pain is gone! In her own words, "In the past, it was very painful for me to walk long distances. But now I can run after the bus!" I was so happy when I heard her say that, and so glad that I bought the product for her. I have recommended you to many of my friends and my mum's friends, and SGBOX shall always be my most-trusted number one store! Thank you so much again! C.H.

    Dear Friends at, Thank you for efficiently processing and sending my order. I was out of town yesterday, and when I returned today your order was waiting for me. It came either on the 22nd or 23rd. Yes, you may print my previous response to your service as well as the exciting news that I am about to share. I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a two-day workshop on why and how to teach Singapore math. I shared my first grade package from you with the presenter and fellow teachers. They were very impressed with the quality and quantity of books I received for my money. They all wanted your website, which I shared with them. Thank you again, Marla O'Keefe

    Dear Sir/Madam, Thank you very much for a prompt and efficient service. I received the books today September 7, 2004. This is the date you promised I would receive the package. I am pleased with the quality of the books. The bright colours and beautiful illustrations are very appealing to the children. My eight year old daughter is already working through the maths problems . I am now ready to make my second purchase for my six year old . Once again, I thank you very much for the excellent service. Elton / Geraldine

    I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived here two days ago. As always, I am very pleased. The 21 (!) books are beautiful and very inviting. I still have to figure out how to use all the books together. You are providing an excellent source of text-and workbooks. We are grateful to have you at our side during our home school years! The colorful textbooks are a feast for the young curious eye! The British spelling (like 'learnt versus learned') is not a big problem. In science we will have to look up a few plants and trees that are common in Singapore, but not in America. But we do not mind... Isn't discovering the world a part of learning... As I did previously, and as I did now, I will continue to use your science and math methods. Thank you so much for you courteous way of doing business! You surely can post my comments on your website. I am a very strong advocate of your materials. I truly love them. As soon as we need more books, I will contact you! Thank you very much again Sincerely, Tiziana ter Haar

    Hi, Sorry I didn't contact you earlier, we received the box and my kids immediately started working. This is my third order with you and of course I'm pleased as always. Your product is superb and my children love doing the work. I can't believe how easy the math has been for my 7yr old daughter she is sailing through the work books. She started with the Singapore System and will continue to do so. Thank you, M. D. R.

    To Whom It May Concern: I really appreciated the early arrival of my order. It was anticipated arrival date on the 20th of January but it came to my address mailbox on the 15th of this month. I will cook the chicken rice mix first and if it is good like the way I used to while growing up in Singapore, then I'll email you wonderful people again. I want to send them as gifts to my families and friends in the States. So please keep up the good work. I will close and like to send my best regards to Singapore and the SGBox team. Restpectfully, Meilin Desler

    Thank you for the beautiful books we received! My son and I excitedly started using them today. I love the science books (i-science) as they look simplistic but are not simplistic at all. They are fun and easy for my son to do on his own. The science program is thorough and teaches very important scientific principles and have activities that are fun to do with easily accessible materials. The math books explain new concepts in a manner that makes my son (who dislikes math) enjoy doing math, learn a whole lot and feel good about himself. I highly recommend both the science and the math books to other homeschoolers! Mrs. Sciarretta

    Not only does it work for muscular aches but also headaches and insect bites. Its fantastic. Maree A.

    My doctor recommended me these plasters and I found them to be very effective for arthritis pain. They work really well and they are very comfortable after you stick them on. I also love them as they are easy to remove. Even my husband uses them for inflammation of his shoulder which he got from sports and it helps to relief him of pain and discomfort tremendously. Yuki S.

    Love the product as it helps greatly with the pain I experience in my back and other parts of my body M. K.

    I am very pleased with the books that I bought. The information is very current and there are numerous examples for my daughter to practice. Thank you. Berthlyn Jones

    I ordered Zam-buk products from and was assured the products would arrive within three weeks. Much to my surprise, they arrived less than a week after I placed the order. I would have no hestitation in ordering from again Tara ODonovan

    Dear SGBox, We received our order in perfect condition and earlier than the expected delivery date. The abacus curriculum for second and third grades was an instant hit with my kids and has added so much fun and excitement to our math studies. The Chinese flash cards are of excellent quality. Thank you again, Sincerely, Laurie B. Georgia, USA

    I admire the efficiency with enquiries, I received quick response ever time I asked a question. I also had an immediate refund for an unavailable book, which was great. SGBox has Excellent resources, I should have purchased more! I ordered full packages in English & Maths for Kindegarten to Year 6. K. Tran

    Dear SGBox Support, Thank you for your efficient handling of the order. I received the package today, and I am very happy with the books. Sincerely, S.M.

    Dear Sgbox, Thank you so much for the parcel which arrived today. The children are excited about getting into the maths particularly the abacus. The books all look well set out and easy to follow. You have been a pleasure to deal with and I have already recommended you to friends. (You may use my comments on your website as R Smith, Victoria, Australia.)

    Thank your for the order it was received 4 days from your email date. Currently trying the products and finding them excellent. The glycosimine cream I am hoping will repair my knee cartlidge. Applying twice daily will keep you updated on its progress. Regards Mark

    Dear SGBox, I received my order promptly and when I enquired about my order, I was surprised by how fast and efficient you were.I found you very customer-friendly and trust your company. As for the books, my children started to immediately use them and in fact they forced me to teach them Maths during their summer holdays. I'm so happy with the books taht I plan to order more of them. Thank you again for looking so promptly and efficiently into the matter. Regards V. S.

    I have loved your science and math because they lay the foundations for higher thinking in those areas of study like phonics does for reading. Patricia Smith

    Dear Staff at SGBox, Thank you once again for your exceptionally quick service and quality of product. Mark

    Hello. I delivered your products much earlier than I expected. Almost two weeks earlier. That's incredible fast if you think of how far away my country is. And the products are in top condition. The only one I know is Tiger Balm and it's really great. I can't wait to try out the other products I've ordered. I'm sure they also do wonders. Anna, Greece!

    Hi, I receiced my order today. Thanks very much. When I open the box this afternoon, my 4-year-old daughter cannot wait to start working on it. Your books really got her interests. C. M. C.

    Hello. Thank You very much for the Sun Chlorella Package I have received a few days ego. I am very pleased with Your service ,you are doing very good job...... Once again Thank You so much. Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in New 2008 year. Eugene

    Hello, I assure you that we received on last 31 October your sending concerning our order of the 16/10/2003. I thank you for your kindness and the serious one in the follow-up of the order." translated from "Bonjour, Je vous confirme que nous avons bien reçu le 31 octobre dernier votre envoi concernant notre commande du 16/10/2003. Je vous remercie pour votre amabilité et le sérieux dans le suivi de la commande. E. L.

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