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SGBox Singapore Math Curriculum For Sixth Grade / Grade 6 / Primary 6

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SGBox Singapore Math Curriculum For Sixth Grade / Grade 6 / Primary 6


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Product details

Product benefits

  • Aims of SGBox® Mathematics Curriculum
    SGBox® Mathematics Curriculum
    is a rigorous mathematics curriculum that is designed to enable your child to:
    1. acquire and apply skills and knowledge relating to number, measure and space in mathematical situations that he will encounter in everyday life experiences
    2. acquire mathematical concepts and skills that are essential for a further study in mathematics and other disciplines
    3. develop the ability to make logical deduction and induction, as well as to explicate his mathematical thinking and reasoning skills through the solving of mathematical problems
    4. use mathematical language to communicate mathematical ideas and arguments precisely, concisely and logically
    5. develop a positive attitude towards mathematics, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance
    6. appreciate the power and structure of mathematics, including patterns and relationships, and to enhance his intellectual curiosity

  • Objectives of SGBox® Mathematics Curriculum
    The objectives of SGBox® Mathematics Curriculum are to enable your child to:
    1. develop understanding of mathematical concepts:
      1. Numerical
      2. Geometrical
      3. Statistical
      4. Algebraic
    2. perform operations with:
      1. Whole numbers
      2. Fractions
      3. Decimals
    3. recognise spatial relationships in two and three dimensions
    4. recognise patterns and relationships in mathematics
    5. use mathematical language, symbols and diagrams to represent and communicate mathematical ideas
    6. present and interpret information in written, graphical, diagrammatic and tabular forms
    7. use common systems of units
    8. use geometrical instruments
    9. perform simple algebraic manipulation
    10. develop ability to perform mental calculation
    11. develop ability to perform estimation
    12. develop ability to check reasonableness of results
    13. use mathematical concepts learnt to solve problems
    14. use appropriate heuristics to solve problems
    15. apply mathematics to everyday life problems
    16. think logically and derive conclusions deductively
    17. develop an inquiring mind through investigative activities
    18. enjoy learning mathematics through a variety of activities

  • Framework of SGBox® Mathematics Curriculum
    SGBox® Mathematics Curriculum emphasizes five inter-related components:
    1. Concepts
      Concepts refer to the basic mathematical knowledge needed for solving mathematical problems. They cover the following:
      1. Numerical concepts
      2. Geometrical concepts
      3. Algebraic concepts
      4. Statistical concepts
    2. Skills
      Skills refer to the topic-related manipulative skills that your child is expected to perform when solving problems. They include:
      1. Estimation and approximation
      2. Mental calculation
      3. Communication
      4. Use of mathematical tools
      5. Arithmetic manipulation
      6. Algebraic manipulation
      7. Handling data
    3. Processes
      Processes refer to the thinking and heuristics involved in mathematical problem solving. Some of the thinking skills and heuristics which are applicable to problem solving include:
      • Thinking skills
        1. Classifying
        2. Comparing
        3. Sequencing
        4. Analysing parts and whole
        5. Identifying patterns and relationships
        6. Induction
        7. Deduction
        8. Spatial visualisation
      • Heuristics for problem solving
        1. Act it out
        2. Use a diagram / model
        3. Make a systematic list
        4. Look for pattern(s)
        5. Work backwards
        6. Use before-after concept
        7. Use guess and check
        8. Make suppositions
        9. Restate the problem in another way
        10. Simplify the problem
        11. Solve part of the problem
    4. Attitudes
      Attitudes refer to the affective aspects of mathematics learning such as:
      1. Enjoy doing mathematics
      2. Appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics
      3. Show confidence in using mathematics
      4. Persevere in solving a problem
    5. Metacognition
      Metacognition refers to the ability to monitor one's own thinking processes in problem solving. This includes:
      1. Constant and conscious monitoring of the strategies and thinking processes used in carrying out a task
      2. Seeking alternative ways of performing a task
      3. Checking the appropriateness and reasonableness of answers

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Customer testimonials

Below is what our customers said about this product after they had received their orders.

  • While I have used the Singapore Primary Math books for over 10 years (pre-2001 syllabus), I had not realized that there were more contemporary textbooks available for US based customers. As a homeschool parent, these new texts have far exceeded my expectations and are a significant improvement on the Primary Mathematics texts currently available from US based retailers. The graphics are much more engaging and the supporting materials are very thorough and provide a significant amount of extra practice. I will say, making the transition from 5B old text to 6A new text, the 6A (except for algebra) will predominantly be review (3 of the six chapters) of 5B with some additional challenging problems and twists. That said, for the student having previously worked with Singapore Math, the transition in texts should be a confidence booster because the problems build in complexity at a nice pace. I also can not emphasize enough how pleased I am with the supplementary texts, which include answer keys. The explanations are clear and the additional practice problems are excellent for building skill, speed, accuracy, and fundamental understanding. I would highly recommend these products - not just the textbooks and workbooks but also the additional guides. Karen D.

  • Initially I thought of buying just the text and work books as used by the Singapore students, but the recommended workbooks in the respective Singapore Mathematics and Science grade packages are very well selected. They include solutions that are helpful for me to grade my children's work. The Mathematics teacher's Guide is colourful, but sadly the Science Teacher's Guide comes in Black & white. C. H.

  • Child is very excited and wants to use materials--we will start in January. M. D.

  • Dear Staff at SGBox, Thank you once again for your exceptionally quick service and quality of product. Mark

  • Hello, So sorry for the delay in reply. We did receive our order and we as always are pleased. We are most pleased that we have answer keys which saves me, the parent more time. We have found your products to be a great help with our childrens success in school. Very Best Regards, S. Z.

  • This is an email to let you know that we have recieved Our order. Thank you for the speedy delivery, the packages arrived two days before scheduled. After reviewing the order, we are very impressed with the quality of both the books and the service. again thank you SGBox And Thanks Mom and Dad! Joe B.

  • have good customercare.The gave me an estimate of the date of delivery and it was accurate.They packed my items with some great care and attention.The products are good especially general knowledge like mathematics,English.Any pupils in English speaking countries are highly encouraged to become customers. Patrick Kibalama

  • Sorry but I'm being selfish. I don't want to share the secret of my child's success. I don't want them to know how good the books are. I will to others whose kids are not in same year group as my child. Sorry it's competition. Julie

  • My two kids enjoy doing your primary series and I have the whole lot! They are of superior quality in content and presentation and I will continue to use them. SEN

  • Child is very excited and wants to use materials--we will start in January. M. D.

  • Receiving my orders from SGBox was like Christmas in May. I was very happy with the condition of the books which arrived and will be spending the next week studying the materials. L.P. Mercado

  • Dear Friends ! Great thanks! We received our order yesterday, 24 of June. Great thanks for good service. We have two books (Secondary 2) which we received two years ago from you. That are excellent books! And we recommend these books to all our friends to use in teaching children. Good luck. Sincerely yours Vladimir and Rita Kononenko

  • Excellent materials for teaching math and science. A. L. M.

  • Easy, interesting and creates a wanting to learn attitude within me. G. A. S.

  • It is good for us to get the advanced materials for math curriculum from Singapore. Good service and on-time shipping. Thanks! B. W.

  • The content of the material is very good and the ordering experience was as smooth as one would expect. A. S.

  • Hi, I've received the parcel from SGBox. Thank you very much for your efficient and prompt service. Regards Sarah

  • Fast shipping, good customer support Menno

  • Thank you for your help in sorting out the misunderstanding. I appreciate your phone call. This was really quick service and I will reccomend your service not only to my friends but to anyone who needs it. I was pleasantly surpirsed when I recieved your phone call within hours of lodging my concern( or no concern). I have not seen a faster and more efficient service thatn yours. Very well done. Keep up your good services. Thanking you once again. Melville Morris

  • Very fast delivery. William Jacobs

  • Everything was great!!! I. G.

  • Very happy with the promptness of your service. Excellent. Keep it up. Meenal M Kelkar

  • I have very good experience on this time. M. W.

  • As usual, the service was perfect. E. D.

  • By now I have recieved my order of math books in very well condition thank you for your kind attention. Azhari

  • Came more quickly than estimated date. Gail R.

  • Well done Gao Xuechun

  • Books were received . This is execellent books for enrichment or even teaching new material. V. L.

  • in good condition n well packaging. B. L.

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