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Maths Abacus / Soroban
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Maths Abacus / Soroban

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Maths Abacus / Soroban


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Product details

  • Light brown wooden frame
  • 13 wooden rods with 1 plastic bead / counter on the top row and 4 plastic beads / counters on the bottom row
  • A knob for easy reset
  • Dimensions: 27.2 cm x 8.5 cm x 3.0 cm / 10.71 inch x 3.35 inch x 1.18 inch

Product benefits

  • This maths abacus / soroban is a required device in any maths abacus / soroban course.

  • This maths abacus / soroban is big enough for your child, so that he will find it easy to manipulate the beads / counters.

  • This maths abacus / soroban has a knob and re-setter, so that your child may press the knob to reset the beads / counters easily.

  • This maths abacus / soroban is very user-friendly and highly recommended for use in any maths abacus / soroban course.

Customer ratings

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Customer testimonials

Below is what our customers said about this product after they had received their orders.

  • Dear sirs, Items received, thank you. The abacus are very nice and handy, and will appear in my next book "Compter du bout des doigts" (I am University professor, retired, now specialised in manual reckoning). Best regards, Alain Schärlig

  • I was very surprised at the quality - these are much nicer than the cheap Chinese abacus my classes were using, and the Soroban style is less confusing as it does not have the extra beads to contend with. The "zero-out" feature and 3-bead color alternation makes it easier to introduce. The quality details in the wood construction and the "feet" for the unit on the back were appreciated. Thanks so much! Julie Brennan

  • For it s good quality, the price charged for this abacus is quite reasonable. EDVALDO C SIQUEIRA

  • Dear SGBox, We received our order in perfect condition and earlier than the expected delivery date. The abacus curriculum for second and third grades was an instant hit with my kids and has added so much fun and excitement to our math studies. The Chinese flash cards are of excellent quality. Thank you again, Sincerely, Laurie B. Georgia, USA

  • Dear SGBox; I received my order in excellent condition and in a timely manner. Thank you very much. The math books are for my grandchildren, and I have become very interested in the abacus and am happily following the very clear directions. I am hoping to introduce the children in a local school to Singapore Math. So far, the teachers are not trained in the method, but a father in the school has plans for a math club. I will have him look over the method as portrayed in the books and then wait to see if he or other parents are interested. Again thank you for your prompt and excellent service. Sincerely yours, J F MD

  • Hello, My books and abacus arrived today - they arrived in UK a week ago but I chose today for them to be delivered. I was very impressed with the speedy service. You email communication and customer service is excellent. The abacus and books are great too - I could find nothing like this available in the UK so was very pleased to find your website. Thank you for providing excellent products and service. From Alison B

  • I am very pleased with the abacus I ordered. It really is well made. It is very easy to order on this website. Shipping to the USA was much faster than I imagined. D. L. H.

  • Dear SGbox. Said by all of your previous customers about your exellent services and the packaging is all very true. Shipment is prompt all the way here to U.Kingdom. Very impress with you guys and definitely well recommeded. Thank you and keep up the good work.Brooke

  • Dear Sgbox, Thank you so much for the parcel which arrived today. The children are excited about getting into the maths particularly the abacus. The books all look well set out and easy to follow. You have been a pleasure to deal with and I have already recommended you to friends. (You may use my comments on your website as R Smith, Victoria, Australia.)

  • Dear SGBox, All I can say is -- WOW! My package arrived in perfect condition 3 days before the target delivery date, after traveling half way around the world! We are so excited to have found the Singapore abacus curriculum to use with our Primary Math! Thank you! Sincerely, Rebecca B.

  • I have received the order in half the expected time! I love the materials and I have used your products in the past to supplement my 7 year old's education and will continue to do so in the future. I will also use the material to enhance my teaching practices for my 2nd graders. There are plenty of great ideas using manipulatives and strategies to strengthen their knowledge of math while building their confidence. Thank you very much. Sincerely, Nicole Nurse, 2nd Grade Teacher

  • Thank you for good service. The package I recieved was very well packed and the content in very good condition. It is possible I will buy from you again if I need anything from your stock and I will gladly recommend you to others. U. E.

  • produit de qualité à un prix correct ; utilisation aisée avec des élèves. Martine L.

  • Shipped half way across the world relatively quickly, and product was in good shape, can't ask for more. Danny V Nguyen

  • Hi, Just want to let you know that I have just received the product. This is very well wrapped and arrive in a perfect condition. Thanks. Nancy

  • The order arrived timely. My daughter loves her new abacus, especially the clearing device. Thank You. L. N. C.

  • The order arrived quickly to Spain and in good condition, also always have a small detail LILIANA

  • Thanks for sending the items I ordered. I have not yet used the abacuses or read the book, but I was very impressed by your courteous and prompt service. I will email again in a few weeks when I have had the chance to use the abacuses with the children. Thanks, P. M.

  • Hi Just recieved my order and am very happy with the prompt delivery and overall service. I will definitely be ordering more books from you in the near future, thanks. Dr N. M. and Mrs N. A.

  • L'envoie a été très rapide et le service est professionel ! Si je devais recommander chez SGBox je le refais sans soucis. A. C.

  • I have received my order in good time, and am looking forward to studying the soroban. It is a well made product and will help my study. Thank you, D. B.

  • Good quality Good prices Good delivery system Valérie JUNG

  • I have received my order. Thank you very much for your quality product and your outstanding customer service. Jason


  • Dear SGBox, I received the abacus in excellent conditions. I am very satisfied with my toy. Excellent price/quality ratio. M. R.

  • Thank you. We received everything exactly as ordered. Can't wait to start the math books with my children. Looks fun! You have my permission to reproduce any comments I have made about your wonderful company! Sylvia

  • The Soroban/Abacus I ordered last month arrived today. Thank you very much. It works well and is very beautiful, and I like the two different colors for beads alternating every three rows--makes it easy to keep track of place value. My son is excited to learn how to use it. G.A., West Virginia, USA

  • It arrived much sooner than I expected. Rebecca

  • Dear Sirs, I received this morening my item and I was very satisfied of Your shipping service. It arrived in less than half of the expected shipping time! Best regards Giorgio Goldoni

  • Hello, So sorry for the delay in reply. We did receive our order and we as always are pleased. We are most pleased that we have answer keys which saves me, the parent more time. We have found your products to be a great help with our childrens success in school. Very Best Regards, S. Z.

  • Dear SGBox Friend, I've received my order (a soroban abacus) today. Thank you for sending it so quickly. Best regards M. J.

  • Not a hitch. Guaranteed shipping even to rural USA was timely. Lynne

  • This is our second order... the Singapore materials are very professional and are easy to understand for our children. I especially like the Science Teachers Manual by Master Teacher Mrs Nora Tao. Jennifer Schuh

  • Great website, easy order, timely delivery. M. -. K. R.

  • Dear Sirs, This afternoon I received the item (soroban) in good order. Thanks and Best Regards. F. O.

  • I have ordered severeal times before and i am very satisfied with your products! R. H. H.

  • No problem. Fast delivery. J. E.

  • Hi SGBox, Thank you for your kind patience and assistance in processing my orders. Your service has been extremely professional and pleasant. I look forward to making future purchases from you. M. T.

  • Good WebSite Excellent service G. E.

  • This soroban seems to be a good quality product especially for the price. F. M.

  • I received the package last Tuesday. Thanks for the quick delivery. Best Regards Freddy Chan

  • Received order two weeks early P. C.

  • Order received complete and in good condition October 5. Thank you. G. G.

  • The 5 sorobans arrived yesterday in good conditions. Thank you and best messages. A. S.

  • The abacus arrived in good shape. Thanks A.

  • Thank you. I have received the order . Very professional service. Regards, P. M.

  • Excellent quality Emmanuel

  • Hello! I am writing to let you know that I have received my order. I am thrilled with the materials. Sincerely, Robert E. Ruiz

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