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A Crash Course For School Tests And Exams

1. Are You Panicking For Your Upcoming Examinations?

Your examinations are around the corner, and you are panicking.

You haven't been revising your school work, or there's simply too much to study with too little time left.

While it may be a bit late to pull your socks up now, it is still possible for you to get into a "crash course" to prepare yourself for your exams.

2. Grab The Best Assessment Books!

Simply go to Bookstore and grab the best assessment books and start trying the questions!

This is because many teachers these days are known to refer to such assessment books when setting their school test and exam questions.

Some of the school test and exam papers are even known to contain questions taken directly from assessment books!

More importantly, the more questions you practise, the more able you become at solving them.

This is true for English, Mathematics, Science, Second Languages (Chinese, Malay, Tamil), History, Geography, etc.

As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect"!

3. How Many Assessment Books Should You Get?

So how many assessment books should you get for each subject ideally?

While some may argue that the more the merrier, quality is actually more important than quantity.

Why waste your money on getting assessment books from irresponsible publishers who do not check their books before they print?

If you visit your local bookshop often, you will not fail to find books containing obvious errors in their questions and answer keys.

Like they say, "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys"! Or as we would put it, "Good things don't come cheap, cheap things don't come good"!

We recommend that you should get at least 3 good assessment books for each subject that you study.

If you can afford it, 6 or more assessment books per subject would be better.

But beware when you get more than 10 assessment books for each subject.

One, you may grow to hate the subject due to overload.

Two, you are obviously not getting the right books because as far as we are concerned, there are not that many good assessment books around!

We also recommend that you get your assessment books from reputable and big name publishers.

We also do not recommend getting books from cheap publishers because if they can sell cheap, they must be cutting corners.

Simply put, that 10 cents or 50 cents that you save per book now may cost you $100 or $5000 less in your monthly salary in the future!

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