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New Singapore Maths Curriculum (Scope And Sequence) For 1st Grade / Primary 1

Since 2001, Singapore, the world's math leader, and most countries had completely switched from the old Singapore Math to the new and improved Singapore Math for 1st Grade / Primary 1.

Find out why Singapore schools have switched completely to the new and improved Singapore Math.

All the primary schools in Singapore, the world's math leader, are using the New Singapore Math textbook packages for 1st Grade / Primary 1. Primary Mathematics For 1st Grade / Primary 1 Package is based on the Old Singapore Math curriculum and is no longer used in any Singapore school since 2001.

Below is what your child will learn in the New Singapore Math curriculum for 1st Grade / Primary 1.

Whole numbers

  • Number notation and place values

    • count to 100
      • Include completing sequences of consecutive numbers
      • Include counting in tens and completing sequence
    • read and write numbers up to 100 in numerals and in words
    • recognise the place values of numbers (tens, ones)
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers

    • give a number to indicate the number of objects in a given set
      • Excludethe term ‘cardinal number’
    • represent a given number by a set of objects
      • Include visualising small sets up to 5 objects instead of counting one by one
    • use ordinal numbers such as first, second, up to tenth
      • Include symbols, e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
      • Excludethe term ‘ordinal number’
  • Comparing and ordering

    • compare two or more sets in terms of the difference in number
      • Include the concept of one-to-one correspondence
      • Include use of the phrases ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘fewer than’
      • Include finding ‘How many more/less?’
    • compare numbers up to 100
      • Include use of the words: greater, greatest, smaller, smallest
      • Excludeuse of the symbols ‘ > ’ and ‘ < ’
    • arrange numbers in increasing and decreasing order
  • Addition and Subtraction

    • illustrate the meaning of ‘addition’ and ‘subtraction’
      • Include comparing two numbers within 20 and finding how much greater/smaller
    • write mathematical statements for given situations involving addition and subtraction
    • build up the addition bonds up to 9 + 9 and commit to memory
      • Include writing number stories for each number up to 10
      • Include sums such as the following:
        • ___ + 2 = 7
        • 3 + ___ = 12
      • Exclude box sums which are beyond addition bonds such as
        • 9 + ___ = 22
    • recognise the relationship between addition and subtraction
    • add and subtract numbers involving
      • 2-digit numbers and ones
      • 2-digit numbers and tens
      • 2-digit numbers and 2-digit numbers
        • Exclude formal algorithm
        • Include addition/subtraction with renaming
    • carry out simple addition and subtraction mentally involving
      • 2-digit number and ones without renaming
      • 2-digit number and tens
    • solve 1-step word problems on addition and subtraction
      • Use numbers within 20
  • Multiplication

    • illustrate the meaning of multiplication as repeated addition
    • write mathematical statements for given situations involving multiplication
      • Use numbers with product not greater than 40
    • multiply numbers whose product is not greater than 40
      • Excludeuse of multiplication tables
    • solve 1-step word problems with pictorial illustrations on multiplication
      • Excludeuse of multiplication tables
  • Division

    • divide a quantity not greater than 20 into equal sets:
      • given the number of objects in each set
      • given the number of sets
        • Exclude use of division symbol

Money and measures

  • Measurement of length and mass

    • compare the lengths/masses of two or more objects in non-standard units
      • Include use of simple approximation to measure lengths and masses
      • Excludefinding the difference in length/mass
      • Include the use of the following words:
        • long, longer, longest
        • short, shorter, shortest
        • tall, taller, tallest
        • high, higher, highest
        • heavy, heavier, heaviest
        • light, lighter, lightest
  • Time (12-hour clock)

    • tell time in terms of o’clock and half past
      • Excludeuse of 24-hour clock
  • Money

    • tell the different denominations of
      • coins
      • notes
    • match one coin/note of one denomination to an equivalent set of coins/notes of another denomination
    • tell the amount of money
      • in cents (¢) up to $1
      • in dollars ($) up to $100
        • Include use of symbols ‘$’ and ‘¢’
        • Excludecombinations of dollars and cents
    • add and subtract money
      • in dollars only
      • in cents only
    • solve 1-step word problems on addition and subtraction of money
      • in cents only
      • in dollars only
        • Include finding ‘How much more/less?’


  • Picture graphs

    • make picture graphs of given data
      • Include collecting and organising data
      • Include both horizontal and vertical forms
      • Include the use of symbolic representations, e.g. represents one child
    • read and interpret picture graphs
      • Excludepicture graphs with scales such as each * represents 5 children


  • Shapes

    • identify and name the following shapes:
      • rectangle
      • square
      • circle
      • triangle
        • Include classification of shapes
    • identify the following shapes in 3-D objects:
      • rectangle
      • square
      • circle
      • triangle
  • Patterns

    • complete patterns according to
      • shape
      • size
      • colour
      • two of the above attributes
    • complete patterns with 3-D solids
      • cube
      • rectangular block
      • cone
      • cylinder
        • Excludeuse of the words ‘cube’, ‘cone’, ‘cylinder’ in written or verbal form


Singapore Math

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