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Getting The Most Out Of Your Health Products

I was chatting online with my friend, Kevin, on the subject of weight training and he brought up the issue of how he had given up on gym training. He had always admired and wanted the physique of bodybuilders. That spurred him to take up a gym training programme. He mentioned that he had been training for months but he had yet to see any positive results. Instead, his weight had increased significantly and his tummy had also ballooned. On top of that, he also suffered back and knee injuries from all the training.

I enquired about his diet and exercise program and subsequently found out that while he had been taking supplements to burn off the fats, he had also been eating food with a high fat and calorie content. He also did not complement his weight training routine with cardiovascular exercises. Instead, he was over-training and over-exerting his body with heavy weights in the hope of getting results fast. He was doing more harm than good to his body.

Now, most of us are guilty of doing the same thing as what Kevin had done, and that is being unrealistic in our expectations. This is especially true when it comes to using health product as well. Most of us expect health products to perform miracles within days after using them.

To get the most out of your health products, there are several points to observe.

Positive thinking

The simple act of thinking positive can work wonders. In a study that spanned 30 years, it was observed that an optimistic attitude can do wonders for patients' recovery. It was discovered that across a wide range of clinical conditions, from lower back pain to heart surgery, patients who felt they would do well in recovery actually did recover faster. Patients who were scared or pessimistic about their recovery did not recover as quickly or as well as the people who maintained their optimism.


Always bear in mind the classic phrase; "Rome was not built in a day". Likewise, when it comes to using any health product, we should follow the instructions on the label and be patient when it comes to seeing any kind of result. Most of us tend to be too unrealistic and expect results within days. More often, we either switch products or give up on them entirely. Getting back into health usually takes time. It could be weeks, months or years, depending on the individual and the nature of the problem.

Another common mistake we all make is that once we see some form of result, we simply stop using the product thinking that we are already better. This is especially true when it comes to a detoxification programme. Completing one detoxification programme does not mean that we have successfully purged all toxins from our bodies. We have to be mindful that our bodies need detoxification on a regular basis. This is because we are exposed daily to all kinds of toxins from the air, the food and the water that we consume.

Purge your bad habits

Do not expect your health products to work well for you if you continue with your bad habits such as smoking, drinking and keeping late nights. Giving them up before starting on a health product would probably save you lots of time and money. Using health products while sticking to your bad habits is similar to swimming against the current. You can try and try, but you just don't move ahead very much. Some smokers are known to overdose on vitamin C in the belief that it helps to counter the ill-effects of smoking such as ageing and cancer. By overdosing, they are doing more harm than good to the body, as excessive intake of vitamin C can be toxic.

Putting it into practice

As the saying goes, "Talk is cheap", so likewise reading all that has been mentioned above amounts to nothing if you don't put it into practice. Put a little more effort and patience and you will start reaping the rewards.

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