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  1. Can you send me sample pages from your books?
  2. Can you send me samples or an evaluation copy?
  3. What is the difference between Singapore's and America's education systems?
  4. Do your books come with answer keys?
  5. What is the difference between New Syllabus Mathematics and New Mathematics Counts (Normal Academic Course)?
  6. Where can I go to learn more about your books?
  7. What units of measure do your Singapore Maths materials use?
  8. Do your books come with worked solutions?
  9. What is included in the book package that I am interested in?
  10. Which edition of My Pals Are Here Maths are you selling?
  11. What units of measurement do the new Singapore Math series use?
  12. How many editions are there for the new Singapore Maths series?
  13. Which edition of New Syllabus Maths are you selling?
  14. How do I know which level of books I should get for my child?
  15. What are the differences between S3SGBOXM and S34SGBOXAM?
  16. Are the new Singapore Maths series suitable for use in my country?
  17. Do the Math Insights For 8th Grade textbooks cover Grade 8's maths concepts?
  18. What is the difference between the Science In Focus books and the Insights books?
  19. Do you sell secondhand or used books?
  20. Should I order the supplementary books other than the textbooks and workbooks?
  21. What is the examining board for your GCE O level and GCE A level papers?
  22. Do your books use the metric system?
  23. Do you use metric units, dollars and cents, and British or American spelling?
  24. Are your books used in Singapore or overseas schools?
  25. What English textbooks do you recommend?
  26. Do the Maths Insights For 8th Grade textbooks include any activities for students to practice?
  27. Do you have the syllabus for your English textbooks?
  28. What is the difference between Biology Matters For 9th Grade And 10th Grade / Secondary 3 And Secondary 4 Package and Biology Insights For 9th Grade And 10th Grade / Secondary 3 And Secondary 4 Package?
  29. How should I use the books in the SGBox Curriculum packages?
  30. Can I buy your primary school science materials for 1 level only, e.g. 3rd Grade / Primary 3, instead of 2 combined levels, e.g. 3rd Grade And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And Primary 4?
  31. What is the difference between New Mathematics Counts and SGBox Math Curriculum For 8th Grade / Secondary 2?
  32. Why do the SGBox Math Curriculum packages for primary schools contain so many workbooks?
  33. What Singapore Math books should I get for my child who is in 7th Grade?
  34. Can my child learn 11th and 12th Grade Chemistry without first learning 9th and 10th Grade Chemistry?
  35. What is the difference between Kindergarten 1st Year and 2nd Year?
  36. For what age group are your preschool / nursery books suitable for?
  37. What is the difference between buying all the items in a book package individually or as a package?
  38. Should I get the Kindergarten 1 or Kindergarten 2 books for my 4-year-old?
  39. Do you reprint or republish your Singapore school materials after their approved-for-use periods?
  40. Do you sell the New Elementary Maths series? Is it used in Singapore secondary schools?
  41. Why are your 1st grade to 6th grade books different from your 7th grade to 10th grade books?
  42. Can I buy the books in a package separately?
  43. Can I buy the books in an SGBox Math Curriculum package separately?
  44. Do your Chinese books teach Chinese characters?
  45. What are the secondary school materials that you carry?
  46. Is it possible for us to switch from the old Singapore Maths curriculum to the new Singapore Maths curriculum?
  47. Are your books suitable for special education students?
  48. Is the New Syllabus Mathematics series going out of print?
  49. What is Singapore Math?
  50. How can I buy your Singapore primary science curricula?
  51. What other items do I need to accompany the SGBox Math Curriculum packages?
  52. Does SGBox Science Curriculum For 3rd Grade And 4th Grade / Primary 3 And Primary 4 (P34SGBOXS) consist of both core and supplementary materials?
  53. Which Singapore Math books should I get for my fourth grader?
  54. Are your Singapore secondary school textbooks the Express edition?
  55. Can I have a list of all your books?
  56. Can I have your price lists for kindergarten?
  57. Please provide me the details about your Kindegarten books (K1 and K2).
  58. Can I use your books for self study?
  59. Do I need to order your math supplementary workbooks?
  60. What books would you recommend to help us teach Singapore Math?
  61. What books do you recommend for 7th grade and 8th grade math?
  62. Which primary six math books do you recommend for my child?
  63. Which math book do you recommend for Kindergarten?
  64. Which math book do you recommend for Kindergarten 1?
  65. How much do your books cost?
  66. Are you selling the latest editions of textbooks and workbooks that are used in Singapore schools?

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