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Axe Brand Universal Oil
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Axe Brand Universal Oil

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Product packs

Axe Brand Universal Oil 28 ml / 0.95 fl oz


Product Pack

Bottles Per Pack

Price Per Bottle

Price Per Pack

You Save1


ABUO28ML Standard Pack 4 bottles USD5.50 USD21.99
ABUO28MLVP Value Pack 8 bottles USD5.25 USD41.98
ABUO28MLEVP Extra Value Pack 20 bottles USD5.12 USD102.45

Axe Brand Universal Oil 56 ml / 1.89 fl oz


Product Pack

Bottles Per Pack

Price Per Bottle

Price Per Pack

You Save1


ABUO56ML Standard Pack 2 bottles USD11.00 USD21.99
ABUO56MLVP Value Pack 4 bottles USD10.50 USD41.98
ABUO56MLEVP Extra Value Pack 10 bottles USD10.25 USD102.45

1 This is the total amount that you save compared to ordering the equivalent number of items in each pack as Standard Packs.

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Product details

  • Made in Singapore
  • Ingredients: Menthol crystals, camphor, eucalyptus oil, essential oil, methyl salicylate
  • Language: Instructions in English and traditional Chinese
  • For: External use
  • Directions: Apply one or two drops of Axe Brand Universal Oil and massage into affected area several times daily or as directed by your physician.

Product benefits

  • Axe Brand Universal Oil is extremely effective in relieving pain and discomfort from colic and stomachache or even swelling, redness and itchiness from insect bites.

  • You can also use Axe Brand Universal Oil to get soothing relief from giddiness and headache.

  • You can rub Axe Brand Universal Oil under your nose to get instant relief from blocked or stuffy nose.

  • The non-staining unique formula of Axe Brand Universal Oil helps to quickly relieve your pain and aches caused by rheumatism and arthritis.

  • Axe Brand Universal Oil has been used throughout the world for nearly 60 years.

Customer ratings

Below is how our customers rated this product after they had received their orders.

  1. Do you like this product?

    66.2%   I love it
    29.4%   I like it
    4.4%   It's ok
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  2. Will you recommend this product to others?

    97.1%   Yes
    2.9%   No

Customer testimonials

Below is what our customers said about this product after they had received their orders.

  • I love this stuff. I use it for muscle aches, headaches, mosquito bites, colds, rashes, etc.. It is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about it. It is a wonderful pain reliever. Jennifer, USA

  • Hello to all. Yesterday evening has been delivered the package to me with the goods from ordered me. This time has arrived in perfect conditions and the products inside were perfectly pack to you. Thanks in order to have to me fastly the goods therefore. Your products and Your services are indeed exceptional, Thanks and soon. Paola from Italy!!!

  • Fast Service....Easy to Use Website and pleasure to shop especially from the USA.....Will be back for more! S. M.

  • Very fast delivery, great packing, love the product. Years ago I bought some and it was time to order more. I have shared with friends and family and everyone just loves it. Thank you for Fast and efficient service. I will be using you all again soon. Jordan A. A.

  • I was in Singapore a few months ago and found Axe Brand Universal Oil in the pharmacy. I was a wonderful product in a tiny bottle. When it was gone I went online to get more and found your site. In about a week I had a jumbo sized bottle of the oil perfectly shipped hassle free and now I have enough to last me all year! Thanks!!! Raney S. Los Angeles Ca.

  • I was very happy to find that it could be ordered on-line and especially by using Paypal, I felt secure ordering. Your product is excellent and your shipping was fast and efficient. Thank you! SA B.

  • Perversely I brought AXE OIL it works very well for cold. Now I ordered some more AXE is very handy to place order and I got the OIL within the estimated delivery date. I like the service of sgbox.Thanks sgbox for producing very very good oil S. P.

  • Axe Brand Universal is good for Childeren and Adults.It cure cold.conjection etc. S. P.

  • My shoppingexperience with SGBox is very good from every angle. There were no problems at all. Kerstin

  • It is the second time I have ordered the AXE Brand universal oil from this website. The product is original/really good. The website is great and I received both my orders on time. S. S.

  • Thank you for the free gifts and for your kind and professional service. Malini

  • I received my products in record time for them being sent overseas. Thanks for such service. I also really like the product and its price. Sincerely L. T.

  • SGBox provides a very good shopping experience and quality products. I'm looking forward to shopping once again. T. J.

  • Rec's the product today thanks so much! Great packaging and ontime delivery! Thanks again.... John E. Wroblewski III

  • Lovebe the product and the customer service is great! Irina

  • Dear SGBox, I received my order today and I would like to thank you for the excellent communication regarding my order and for your product selection and price. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends and family. Best regards, F. Younis.

  • I am happy with the products I purchased and the packing was great. Z. Lim

  • received product quickly and well protected. Ton G.

  • Hi there!: Im jst letting u know that i received the good today. Faster than expected!. No problem to reproduce my comments to your website. Glad that i found a website with a fast response, kind treatment and fast delivery. Thanks you. Isaac

  • order recd in wonderful condition and prompt timing R. Y.

  • A few drops on a kleenex tissue to relieve my nose in case of a cold or headache works wonderfully. Villeneuve-carlus L.

  • Its works fast and effectively. No side effects. Hemant Kumar

  • My cousin gave a bottle during my visit to USA which was useful to my wife's back ache which we ran out. I looked online search looking for Singapore dealers and I found SG BOX whose service was good. Ram

  • An easy to use website, with great product information, and good options for paying. Would happily purchase my Tiger Balm Boost Neck & Shoulder Rub from you's awesome stuff. A. G.

  • Good stuff. Delivered on time. G. D. P.

  • Having had fibromyalgia for years and recently developing osteoarthritis, I used to sometimes be in a lot of pain from the combination of muscle and joint pain. With Axe Oil, I get fast relief, and do not need to reapply it as much as other topical rubs. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from muscle or joint pain! Mary

  • My dad got me some about 20 years ago and no one produces it where I live Jo Bertolino

  • Axe brand Universal Oil is an alternative treatment for pain and headaches. David K. Weis

  • It is very good for muscle pain. D. C. J. JOLLY

  • it is very good for me PAPAGIANNIS KONSTANTINOS

  • I love this product because it really works. Margaret Davis

  • Urgent dispatch in excelent condition. DSG

  • Have always used this product. S. T.

  • This is very helpful for colds Madame M.

  • I have already done it A. N.

  • Hello my friends, I have received the goods on monday 23rd of april. thank you I will come back on you E.

  • Excellent! Ben Anderson

  • DOES relieve muscular pain M. B.

  • i have been using you for several problems....thank you Hugh Flanigan

  • Good morning, We received our ordrer yesterday at Bordeaux (France), the 20th of June. Everything was ok. The products corresponds well to the ordrer. Thank you for your services. Regards Marguerite Poirel

  • I have recommended to many friends and work mates MRS P. P.

  • xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo J. B.

  • I received my goods faster than SG estimated date. Thank you Dara

  • very good product VEZZU

  • I received my order very quickly.Thank you very much for that.I offer my respects. E. T.

  • Soothing and great for headaches and blocked sinuses. Good for arthritic pain. E. A.

  • It helps my sinus problem. Joe Cecil

  • Just one was easy & very convenient. Shyju

  • Good service. S. S.

  • The package is here !! All well !! thank you, F. T.

  • Received my order earlier than expected. It was a good surprice. M.Nguyen

  • Axe oil is great ! It's the only cure for my severe migranes. L.P.B.

  • Dear SGBox, I received my order today in perfect condition. Thanks for a great service! Best regards R. T.

  • pleasure to work with you, and your product is perfect hugh flanigan

  • Excellent service as always. A. M.

  • Hi Have received the consignment. Good followup to my email, good service. Regards B.

  • Our order has arrived. Everything was fine, thank you very much!!! A. I.

  • Great product! Thanks! S. N.

  • Helps relieve sore muscles , joints , & cramping in my muscles. C. N. M.

  • Have been for 2 years since I found it. Ruthfrances485

  • My children love it, too. H. M.

  • Hello from Turkey, I am very happy to inform you that I have received my items today. Thank you very much for your warmly behave. I will continue to buy from SGBox. M. Ö.

  • It indeed was a quite a pleasant experience shopping with Sgbox. I received my order much before the expected day of arrival. S. L.

  • Dear Sirs, I received the items I had ordered three weeks before. I am very glad that they arrived much earlier than I had expected. Thank you very much. Best regards D. A. A.

  • Received this order in fine condition today. Thank you, Edward

  • Good afternoon. My name is Carlos and I have received my order on Saturday 12th May. The products has arrived in perfect conditions.

  • much quicker than something I ordered from my own country H. M.

  • It's a very good product and it works perfectly for aches and pains R. A.

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