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Crocodile Oil - The Miracle Cure for Eczema And Other Skin Ailments

Crocodile oil has been used for many years by different cultures as a treatment for different ailments, and as a miracle cure for skin problems such as acne and pimples, burns, wounds, sunburns, bleeding and even eczema. Crocodiles have the strongest immune system in the world. Scientists have discovered that deep wounds on crocodiles inflicted during battles with other crocodiles rarely get infected. In fact, the wounds heal rapidly even in contaminated swampy conditions. Laboratory tests done on the oil extracted from the crocodiles show that they contain rich sources of Omega 3, 6 and 9, plus other sources of rare, highly concentrated essential fatty acids, which are known to be extremely beneficial for the human skin and body. Recent tests have also shown that the antibiotic properties found in crocodile blood and fat kill strains of virulent bacteria, including the methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MSRA, a drug resistant super bug known to cause serious and sometimes deadly skin infections in human beings.

I have had a recurring skin inflammation on my armpits for nearly two years after using an anti-perspirant to deal with my excessive underarm perspiration. The anti-perspirant did initially work but with repeated usage, it produced an intense stinging and itching sensation on my skin. Weeks later, I started developing itchy, reddish, sour-smelling and painful inflammations on both my armpits that refused to heal completely despite repeated visits to a skin specialist. I was given different antibacterial creams, some of which made my skin darken and flake excessively while the others only gave temporary relief. The problem would return time and again. Whenever that happened, I had to constantly wash the affected areas to keep them clean but that only aggravated the problem more.

After reading about the crocodile oil’s amazing healing properties, I decided to give Crocodile Oil a try. When the itching and redness returned, I applied a small amount of the crocodile oil and massaged it to the affected areas just before bedtime. I did not feel any immediate relief from the itching. The next day, however, I noticed that the redness had become less obvious, although the itching still had not gone away. I continued to apply the crocodile oil on the second day just before retiring to bed. On the third day I was totally amazed to notice that the itching had stopped completely and the redness, along with the smell, had started to subside. In about a week, the redness and the smell totally disappeared and the dark streaks caused by the inflammation had also started to lighten up.

A month had passed since I started using Crocodile Oil and I've still not had a single relapse. The dark streaks had lightened so much that they had blended in with the surrounding areas of the skin and are now barely noticeable. But do not take my word for it. Try it if you have used other remedies and none had worked for you. For me, it was a small investment compared to the numerous visits to the skin specialist.


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